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There's this girl who imo has been on me pretty hard. She does stuff like grab me by the arm when I'm standing around to walk her to class, she's asks me to get food with her at lunch, etc. so I call her up yesterday afternoon to ask her out, this is pretty much the conversation: me: [I]hey this weekend who wanna see a movie [U]or something[/U]?[/I] (word to Seinfeld) her: [I]sure, that would be cool. When?[/I] me: [I]you wanna go Sunday?[/I] (3 day weekend smokeyface) her: [I]ya thats good [/I] me: [I]what do wanna see?[/I] her: [I]I kinda wanna see Bee Movie, but how are we getting there? [/I](she can drive but her car is in the shop) [I]and is it gonna be just you and me?[/I] (this is were I first get a little concerned) me: [I]ya just you and me, I think Alex[/I] (solid dude with a steady girlfriend fyi) [I]can give me a ride[/I](he can), [I]you need one[/I]? This is were I'm like WTF? ?): her: [I]I might, [B]maybe he could come[/B][/I] (she starts laughing) so told her I'd talk to Alex and she was like ok, so I call her back saying he had some shit to do and could give us a ride but not stay. So is this a date or just bullshit friend stuff?

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everything is half off, they have some serious denim [URL]

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...and they made underwear ?) its under the collection, which is also weird.

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Been on the front page for like years [Image] The washed denim looks very dope imo

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June 8 anybody else gonna see it?

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[Image] blushing

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[Image] thanks

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[URL] Thoughts?

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I wanted to get the white jeans but I'm afraid that they'll get dirty, does any body else have them, have they gotten really dirty and if you wash them do they turn kinda yellow?

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So I got those X's from The Hundreds in a size 32 they fit a bit tight but I said what the hell cuz they'll stretch so they stretched out and they fit good now but I got these ,umm...stretch marks maybe... there like wrinkles around the waist I was wondering if there is anyway to fix them without ironing them becouse I dont want them to get shiney. I'll try to post pics later

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YOUR MOM!! zing! jk

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Does anybody know were I can get some or are they all sold out?

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