never change

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do these fit large like logan lo's?

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LVC '66 505 PBJ X005 SExFH 05 BSP Dior 19cm Black the PBJ's are my favorite

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fuck this shit. kevin: cash out while you can.

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worked at UMG for a year. music industry sucks.

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[Quote] this is pretty much the crux of the debate, in my opinion. edit: what the fuck why does this message board suck so much?

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[Quote] The ideology doesn't matter, I was speaking to the approach of the movement.

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This new forum format makes shit so hard to follow. Half of people's quotes get pushed into the actual post. I agree that the Tea Party approach has had an impact, the problem is they are still just complaining about shit. No solutions. The Tea Party congressmen just fucking sat and refused to vote on a compromise until the US nearly defaulted on loans. This is productive? I'm glad to hear that people are organizing teach-ins at these rallies, because I think if everyone just acted out of anger without thinking things through like most of the Tea Party, we would REALLY be fucked.

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OK. From wikipedia: [Quote] Also, issuance of the US dollar is backed by issuance of US Treasury securities.

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[Image] struve rockin w+h?

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[Quote] Look man, all I'm saying is that Homes is making a valid argument and you are dismissing him as uneducated because your perspective doesn't agree with his. You did the same thing in the other thread. Yeah, it ended well, but come on man. I hope you don't do this in real life.

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[B]Brooklyn[/B], between this thread and the Steve Jobs Resigns thread, I'm really starting to worry about you. I really recommend you stop putting other people down and assuming that people that disagree with you don't know what they are talking about. Homes has demonstrated a very clear train of though and a very clear understanding of how economics works and all you can say is "lol you dont know shit you dumb lol."

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I encourage everyone in this thread to read this article: and with regards to this specific banking issue, this blog entry: With special emphasis to entry 2. For those that are skipping people's posts for the TL;DR if you can't even muster the attention to read through 1 fucking forum post (this is directed to no one in specific), you are part of the problem. Now to the bigger picutre: [B]Homes,[/B] I am generally in the same economic theory boat as you are. I'm a strong advocate of globalization. However, it's become more and more evident that US policy is pretty fucked up. Part of the problem is a failure to direct college entrants into majors that can supply the US with the R&D base required to continue to innovate and produce based on this innovation. For example, we've been hearing about this alternative energy shift for years, and yet it still hasn't happened. It's pretty much written on the wall that this is the future of energy and a huge boon for American industry, and yet no meaningful action has been taken. That is fucked up. I assure you that when China decides to switch focus from export manufacturing to this type of R&D, it will happen VERY quickly. And then what? They already have a stranglehold on Africa. The US will be in no position to compete if policy changes are not enacted now. In short, I think these protests are mostly just venting frustration but have some very real truths behind them. The protesters think they are protesting a bunch of rich people stealing from them, but what they are really upset about, even if they don't know it, is the US Government's inability to adapt to global market conditions. And it's because the money has come from a previous generation of innovation, whose controllers want to hold onto control for as long as possible (ie Big Oil, Automotive). But guess what? the world is different now, and they can't hold on for very much longer. So separate the money from the politics. Then incentive-ize corporations to innovate. Direct the large corporations to shift focus beyond just PR bullshit. Don't force small startups to compete against the enormous political power of large corporations. People are always going to be greedy. People are always going to take advantage of each other. There is nothing we can do about that. What we can do is try to channel that greed into something that is productive for everyone else. And it's simply not right now.

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^ this is exactly what I'm talking about. It's not enough to just say change. These people need to say EXACTLY what reforms need to be made and HOW to accomplish them successfully. All the thinking in the world doesn't equate to an ounce of action. They got off their ass and started marching. Good. But now what?

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