Suede Visor still available?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell this Swatch.  It's in near perfect condition (minor wear on the band) and I can cover shipping.  Retail is $150, but I'm open to any & all offers since I was given it as a gift but can't wear watches with my skinny ass wrists.  I'm at work, but I will update this post with a tagged picture when I'm off to confirm that I indeed own it (aimed at mods)[Image]

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Putting this out as an interest check; I'm trying to cop the XBone and figured I could try to get rid of a few of these Offer up [Image]

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[Image] Looking for this hat, willing to buy or trade one of my Supreme camps for it

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I got a Supreme Tribal Camp I'll sell for 50 shipped, pm

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[Quote]I love the quiet life, their caps fit so nicely and the designs tend to be really good.  And the prices are very fair compared to other large names.

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I'd have to say Chief Keef Soulja Boy is some straight ass too

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I dropped my instrumental debut about a month ago [Image] [URL] Feedback would be appreciated

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Everything Everything - Arc Deftones - Koi No Yokan The Temper Trap - Conditions

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is that 40 shipped for the tribal?

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If you still have this within the next few days I'll buy it

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What's the name of the Supreme camp to the direct right of the all black Supreme? & How much for it?

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