don't know if i've ever posted , i just listen to new songs and drops and stuff fromthe site so i wanted to re introduce myself, I'm from the islands ( Caribbean). Also the way i live life is totally cool, my friends are cool , the people i meet are cool, what can i say everyday is sunny. any underdogs of the rap game put in ya links here, i have munchies for all new type of music and I'm thinking of bringin back my blog. Also im an artist and an art junky so put in sum that art links here. i just feel a positive vibe from last nights hangover it was epic, chicks , smoke, liqour, it was purple pussy yo.

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thinking of buyiing my first snap back and a set of new shit, just a new look but is 25 too old for this new swagg these days

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what ya guys do for ya birthday , thinking of doin some crazy shit for mine man

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Is this fly or unfly tell so i can ditally ink n colour, i rely on taste and yeh i'm drunk hahhaha [Image]

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