Gretzky. But if Lemieux hadn't gotten hurt/cancer so much, this would be more of a discussion. He seemed to have a lot of the same skills, and aptitudes as Gretzky; but with size and strength in a different league.

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[Quote] Is that an OC Transpo bus stop?!... Follow up question, is it Hurdman?

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Has anyone gotten to see their new selvedge denim in person (or purchase it)? It's not a bad price, and it looks like okay quality, but I can't find it in a store around here, and I don't want to order it online to find out it's crap-ola. I'm wondering about the quality, and the fit as well. For reference, I'm in Naked and Famous weirdguys right now, and they fit about perfect. I can't find size measurements online anywhere to try and find out for myself.

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Not this year, but for the last decade or so, you could pretty safely count out St. Louis, Chicago, Columbus, Phoenix, and L.A. Also: [URL]

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Looks pretty [URL] to me. Did you even look at the site before you purchased?

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[Quote] Does that mean you go to Hooters, and order seven cheeseburgers?

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What industry are you even talking about?

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I was wondering where the hockey thread was... I'm a Senators fan, so all I have left to hope for is that they sell at the trading deadline, and keep losing to get a lottery pick, and try and rebuild a bit... Trading a first round pick the other day scares me that they may not realize that they're finished for this year, and sacrifice more of the future for right now. On a Jackets-related note, it is nice to see the central division not be a joke anymore, and see Columbus, Chicago, and St. Louis not out of playoff contention by Christmas like they usually are.

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[Quote] I need to get some Rugrats shorts!

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[Quote] [Image]

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Black Adidas Sambas.

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