I know there are other threads sort of related to this. But.. I am simply seeking the common 5 panel, seamless front, flat brim, 3.5 inch crown snapbacks that it seems most brands are using these days. I can find them no problem, I have done TONS of research. The problem, they are all made in China. It's pretty sad how difficult it is to find good Made in theĀ  USA products. I'm trying REALLY hard to avoid the China caps but im about to give in. This isn't for some bullshit brand, I simply like this specific style hat and want to wear a blank black version. I own both a Supreme and Actual Pain snapback in these styles and from what I understand they are both made at the same factory. I could care less about factory secrets, just seeking these same spec hats, MADE IN USA. I don't care what US factory makes it. Any help greatly appreciated. [Image]

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What is the cats tee supposed to be referencing?

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Curious if anyone might know where Fucking Awesome or OF get their custom blanks. I recall FA's being custom from somewhere in LA? and I could swear OF's are the same (could be wrong, don't own any but I have seen one in person, seems almost identical). Any info would be great, thanks!

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Drop some contact info if you can, i dont have enough posts to PM, lame.

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Longshot, but lookin for the 2009 Halloween shirt in Large

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I never post so instead of making tons of useless posts so I can post something for sale: Have a brand new with tags pair of Big Bengts 34x34 bought from Untitled Chicago. Paid over $200 just looking for $130 shipped. Never worn if you're local to San Diego grab'em in person.

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Brand new with tags Nudies Big Bengt 34x34 Ships from San Diego $170 shipped Can't post links or pics but I have them on my flickr and can email them as well.

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This one in black in my avatar since I cant post links haha, or a suggestion for a online shop would be even better, thanks!. Just has STUSSY stitched in the front the same color of the cap. -- Also looking for the black Nike SB Horror 5 panel but im sure its a longshot.

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Just grabbed a flannel and the berkeley jacket. I took your suggestion and sized up on the flannel, hope its not TOO big smokeyface

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The one in this pic in Large or XL, just missed out on them at Subdivision: [Image] Thanks!

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I think its whack people think it's necessary to diss them in a thread like this. Feel free to start a thread about your dislikes for them. If I had made negative comments about all the whack "street wear" out there it would clog the whole board. I think they are great and make/carry some of the only product out there I care for. Sorry im not a fan of 99% of the garbage in the scene so the few shirts they put out aren't always the easiest for me to get. Thanks for the info from the others though. Hopefully there isn't alot of Vancouver peeps with these attitudes as I had considered moving there for a bit.

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...if so and you could help a Chicagoan out I was looking to score the Subdvn x Devilock 11th Anniversary shirt in black Medium. Any help would be appreciated.. smokeyface

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