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I just want to say fuck all y'all cock suckers and lurkers who love being on my dick I won't miss y'all but I know you all will miss me.Due to some turn of events in my life I will no longer be using HB or any other forum that regular people use.from this day on I have to take on a very very large responsibility.I now have to grasp that and understand that I can no longer mingle with normal people.

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What is something you wish you were good at??? what do you wish you could come out of but can't find the way??? let me know and I can tell you how to fix it.

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Sup, so in the past three days i have allowed spirits to contact me through rituals.In all honesty today I almost lost my mind so I had to stop it was so much energy. all of the energies were high level but there was one who contacted me who was looking for the kind of departure that the churches teach, So what I did for the energy was show it the way through candle and crystal work.

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I have asked her 1000000 times and she just won't take them down it's upseting  me because she is a dirty bitch and i don't have a doubt

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Is it anything wrong with this??? l think not.

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If she was super bad though??? i knew a female along time ago who broke the news to me.it was nothing against her i just couldn't do it.

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So i was with this girl for sometime. the bitch has my name tatted on her and some more shit.i treated the bitch like shit now she wants to run off and shit.so should i care that the bitch ran off??? seeing as how i treated the bitch like shit??? or should i care and sit up here waiting on her to call????

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Just look on t.v

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I can't shit is nasty i think the funk will inhabit my shit.

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[Image] I think

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It seems to me that HB needs to step there forum up.I wan't to talk about music and fashion together,and not have to navigate all the way back to each forum.I think there should be a nice looking forum for the people who actually have something to offer and wan't to get people hip to newer things.

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It's actually amazing each sound that you hear is a little worm shaped multi colored life form that goes on about it's day after it's released from where ever it came from.no one sound goes into the same direction.

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