Echelon is by far the best shop in London. 742 Richmond St. Right near the corner of Richmond & Oxford. Check it out

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Hey everyone, if you haven't heard of what is going on at Toronto's Five & Dime Tradeshow this Aug 15, 16, and 17th 2009, here's the scoop. Five & Dime 'Get Nautical' presents a legendary night in the making at The Five & Dime Mixer on Saturday, August 15, 2009 inside Sound Academy in Toronto. The show will feature a pro skateboard demo, fashion shows, DJs and a performance by hip-hop legend Raekwon. Before the concert, Five & Dime is offering a sunset sail aboard the 1930's 220 capacity Kajama Schooner sailboat, guaranteed to be party with DJs on board, docking only to bring you steps to the Sound Academy for the Raekwon concert. Tickets to the concert are ONLY $15!!! Available at Ticket Master [URL] The Five & Dime brings the fashion industry together with like-minded culture based vendors in a two-night, three-day tradeshow in an effort to launch new trends for the coming seasons. The Five & Dime Mixer serves as a launch for the entire tradeshow, with the trade show portion of the event being held on Aug 16th and 17th. The name Five & Dime comes from the convenience of a one-stop shop for both stores and brands to address the constant change the industry faces each season. Ontario

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Your all lucky ---- Richard Ivey School of Business (UWO) = me payin 20k per year just for tuition - not international

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$30 included You can see the hats there we got coming soon.

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Cam, There is a bunch left, but they are moving quickly. Cheers

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picked up a couple dope snap backs and button up yesturday....dope shop....dope gear.....dope service....good lookin out on the hook up Bren... Can't make it tonight.....keep us updated on the next one pace

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University of Western Ontario......Ivey school of it

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Kraft Foods - Marketing management/Brand Management + Uni Student

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[Quote] You're is Classic and Park....

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Gettin my castanza on at the C&P photoshoot [URL] ........and no its not serious.

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Depends what you wanna do...if you wanna invest it for 10 years.....then get a diversified portfolio of stocks.....and you might be able to get a return of 10% over that time......dont worry about the so called recession.....US fed reserve just lowered the interest rate so the market will bounce back within a month or so. If you wanna be a risk taker.....drop like $500 of that to someone who is skilled at finding good companies that can make you a quick return in a relatively short period of time......(like me).....but thats still taking a could lose it all. Best a bunch of stuff from China and sell it on Ebay....

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~ The Richard Ivey School Of Business......+1 for Canada!

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If you want to get a laugh...rock one our dirty cop tees. I love the look on cops faces when they see me in these...its priceless. [Image]

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