Def respect the work they put in but Diamond Supply is to loud and poppy. Need to come back to there simple designs.

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Used to be nice. died. not coming back.

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A clean and simple herschel

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I bet you pulled a mad amount of hoes with that.

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Def legit i have the same one.

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A lot of better options out

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From looking at those 2 it looks legit.

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Ebay or google.

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That Crooks & Castles box tho.

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Most annoying - LeggingsĀ  Over used - Anything thats not simple.. Huge logos etc...

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Huf & Supreme got the best 5 panels. IMO

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going to be a great game for sure

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Ronaldo def..

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1st season will always be the greatest.

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Traffic cops get my minimal respect. Swat and DEA are the ones that make me feel "safe"

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