Hey fellas I made a purchase last week from an online store based in Sydney called 'Hypebeast Headwear' & I desperately need your legit opinion if the stuff I bought is legit. I think they're, but your expert opinions would be much appreciated! My sincere apologise for the really shit pics! [Image] Store = www.hbheadwear.bigcartel.com www.facebook.com/hbheadwearofficial Looking forward to everyones replies!

Started by Fake or authentic? PLEASE HELP., 2 Weeks ago in Australia

Does anybody have a spare Kendrick ticket for the Sydney show? 

Started by Kendrick Lamar Ticket for Sydney?, 2 Weeks ago in Australia

Does anybody in the HB community listen to hardcore? i.e. Terror, down to nothing, hatebreed, madball etc.<br><br>Just curious.

Started by Hardcore?, 2 Weeks ago in Music