Hey guys I got a bunch of stuff for trade or for sale today! Looking for Supreme Grey or Black Box Logo Hoodie in large or other supreme jackets/hoodies. Nice supreme button ups or HEAT, I can add. EVERYTHING IS 9/10 if not 10/10 except bruins which are 8/10 due to suede scruff. SUPREME: JFK- $120 shipped (retail) Vienna tee - 35$ shipped (retail) City and Country Henley - $120 (very nice piece) SUPREME X NIKE Bruins - $100 shipped Diamond x Black Scale Crewneck - $120 Shipped  Diamond x The Hundreds 5th anniversary "The Good Old Days" $90 Shipped Vans x WTAPS: Only for a good trade. These two pieces never come up for sale so nows your chance to grab them! The prices are market prices because these are rare pieces that are hard for me to let go. Please message me offers, make solid trade offers to save us both time. I am more negotiable on some items compared to others, just keep offers reasonable!  Thank You. [Image]

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Got some brand new publish joggers size 30 and BLACK. It's pretty rare to see a black pop up as these are sold out everywhere. I just want to get back what I paid since these do not fit me. I thought they fit big like Mercers but they fit TTS. Please contact me for questions. $90 SHIPPED[Image]

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Please leave feedback after a sale. Much appreciated guys!

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PM me with what you got from the hundreds and supreme i got cash and trades!

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I got trades and cash so hit me up. Only grey and LARGE

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For sale: Bape t shirt DS retailed at 100$ Size Large fits a little smaller though BIN 50$ shipped I am open to trades and can negotiate just throw me an offer, I have good feedback [Image] Taking cash or trades in BAPE or CDG XL or Supreme L I am legit check out my Feedback thread don't hesitate to buy, fantastic pieces! sorry pictures are a little grainy cause phone camera isnt superb but looks fantastic in person.

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