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subbed, this is a pretty intense scam. probs get a lot of paranoid/ old people paying

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that little girl was too far gone anyway, he couldnt have done anything. and you have to remember that he would have been surrounded by scenes like that while staying there. he probably tried to help the first few he met, but you know; why you mad when our whole economy is built on some of us being priviliged while the majority live in poverty, i doubt many of us here would sacrifice our luxurious for some person on the other side of the world we dont know

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[Quote] if im thinking of the one im thinking of, its the one with the girl with the very penetrating stare. then she people were trying to rescue her, its not easy to pull someone out of a mixture of sediments/ muds/ water/ debris without ripping them in half.

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the guys who started movember in aus are millionaires now because people pay royalties to use the name, gettt paid

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remind myself that i want bitches, better cars and a better life my myself and my fam

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you guys just mad at the government because you aint rich yet. and on that abomb tip- they should have dropped one a bomb first, im pretty sure anyone would surrender after that shit went off; its like going to a fight and breaking both the guys legs instead of just one

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am i sick if i was looking foward to an attrative mother penetrating her daughter analy?

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that vajayjay looks fine, i dont know what you guys are on about, beef curtains are pretty commmon id smash to if i knew she was clean, or if i was drunk, id just smash

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because we know what its like to be poor and we want that cash moneyyyy naaa mean. also, parents, and white people got too comfortable in this society so they cbf working hard, its mainly the asians with fob parents that get the good grades though, once asians become westernised, they dgaf about grades and just want that pussyxmoney

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that public restroom flava

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[Quote] doesn't matter if you remember or don't, it all shapes your moral outlook on the world, I remember reading somewhere that by the age of 7 children have cemented the basis for their morals and beliefs which will shape the person they become(obviously not including beliefs like the easter bunny, santa claus etc.) oh yeah, and 99% shit, im going to quote your shit on other forums for the truth, cbf writing it in my own words (credited to you though)

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happy birthday, how old?

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[b]Childhood[/b] +Cartoonist, I grew up reading Garfield and Marvel comics and though that would be the funnest job in the entire world, I never really though about the money though, just about getting to doodle and make (what I though back then) funny comics. That was all I dreamt about doing, then in grade 4 some guy implanted in my mind... + Airforce pilot, which became SAS officer etc. Grew out of it as I wanted to have children later in life and, knowing what it feels like to have a father that was never around, dropped the idea altogether. [b]Current[/b] +Uni student:studying engineering/ science, if only for my parents, being typical asians. + Supermarket guy- get paidddd [b]Future[/b] +Engineer, get paid plus save the world. sounds like a good deal. + What I'd really like to do- become a interior designer/ designer; but again, my parents would die of shame, their only son taking up such a frowned upon career. Shit was much simpler/ clearer when we were children, now we have all the pressure on our shoulders, buying a house,family etc |FirstWorldProblems|

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[Quote] it begins, the race debate...maybe

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