These fonts are awful. Let me guess, you're starting a clothing company?

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1 pack a month is nothing, really. That's less than a cigarette per day. When you start smoking regularly, that buzz that you're used to gets harder and harder to find. Eventually it gets to the point where you don't even get a buzz anymore, but you still want a cigarette because it's become part of your daily routine or work routine or it's become a way to chill out and relieve stress. At that point, you (well, at least I did) think. "Really, what the fuck is the point? I spend way too much money on this shit for no reason." Started smoking when I was 14-15. I'm 21 now and my last cigarette was while I was waiting in line at the midnight release of GTA5. Feels great having all this extra cash and not constantly smelling like shit and having to take breaks or go outside all the time.

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[Quote]shut the fuck up. all you try to do is flex on everybody here, but you always come across as a fucking nerd. do yourself a favor and stop.

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who gives a shit where you get the degree from? unless you're going to an ivy league school (you're not) it doesn't matter near as much as you think it does. wherever you decide to go, though, make sure you make connections and meet people whenever possible; get internships, build a good resume, get together a portfolio or whatever else relates to your chosen field, and go from there.

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Clearly not you, No Fuxx Given.

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[Quote]You go to Tim Beck and get a black and grey Hogwarts tattoo? For real??????

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[Quote]do you really enjoy posting the same fucking supreme/box logo jokes over and over and over?

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[Quote]no they didn't

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clearly not when you quoted an image of someone else who appears to like it (as in enough to fucking purchase and wear it) as well. you're not special lmao

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[Quote]hmm well just a guess here buuuuut this thread is called 'what did you wear today' and i am GUESSING that is what he wore that day. again, just a guess.

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First of all I'll forever fuck with Wu-Tang, Biggie, Nas, DOOM, Gang Starr, Big L, NWA... You know, classic shit. As far as new(er) hip-hop artists go: Flatbush Zombies, Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples, Captain Murphy, all of TDE, Action Bronson, Danny Brown... I mean I really fuck with a lot of rappers but some just don't actually have enough music out to say they're really my favorite. So yeah.

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[Quote]they are rather large. i really only wear the 2 i have as undershirts just because of how fucking big the neck openings are. copped 4 pairs of socks and 3 ties from uniqlo for $22 shipped. not bad at all.

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Scooped some Levi's khakis for $28, a pair of desert boots for half off, a year of Playstation plus for $30, and some clothes for my girl for cheap. All online, fuck actually going shopping on Black Friday.

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[Quote]this is a terrible idea. a fucking gift card my dude? a gift card is some shit you give someone when you don't know what else to get them. so a gift card for a family member or people you're not that close to is fine. but a gift card for your significant other pretty much says "i don't know or care enough about you to put any thought into this so here's a fucking gift card." do what you want though man. I got my girlfriend a bomber jacket she wanted and some expensive cosmetics shit she always swoons over when we walk past the place in the mall. Then I'm taking her to a Pacers/Pelicans game early January but that's definitely more for meĀ smokeyface

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I swear some of you people are fucking helpless. Do you really need to know exactly what pants they are so you can go out and buy them and dress exactly like the person who posted them does? For fuck sake, they're khaki colored pants, it's not hard to find something exactly the same or at least extremely similar pretty much anywhere. I mean I understand inspiration, but some of y'all take it way too far.

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