I see this word get tossed around alot but it seems like niggas use it to disrespect my low class fam thats out here tryin to eat while still bein #Hansum A broke nigga to me is a dude with holes in his fuckin socks smelling like dumpster... what is ur def. of broke?  And please don't disrespect the ramen noodles... thats real nigga food

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So i got this shit thats been buggin me for a few days ... I feel like sharing it with y'all. I'll make it quick.. anyway theres been this one dude who I used to be real cool with.. all of a sudden he starts runnin his mouth about me, the bitch made nigga is 19 and I'm 20. He really isn't about that street life so I brushed off the things he said about me. But then one of his pussy ass homies approaches me on some fuckboy shit and I let him know wats good with the city I'm from ( this dude's cousin is from a hood that I grew up with) so this faggot backs down and leaves me alone now this is the thing. its obvious this dude has an issue with me but needs an army to get at me. Should I just call him out and get the clean 1v1? Or should I cheapshot him and stomp his unconscious ass out? Or do I keep gettin this bread and fuck bitches ? i got school and other things going on and I dont hang with my old friends from the past... its obvious this fuckboy is tryin  me. Share ur thoughts #RealLife

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honestly new layout ever few months, fucks things up i'm worried about the mods on HB lazy niggas.

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So a few weeks ago I asked this girl out right... We start dating and everything... she got a nice ass and gives good head, dat OCHOCINCO ... so everything cool until I end up at her best friend's house ... This bitch flashes me her titties ... they were pierced my nigga... so me being the dude that I am I said okay fuck it I'm just gonna do a quickie with her and just bounce to my gf's pad... so I end up staying the weekend with her, everything cool with side bitch but then when I call my GF ... This bitch starts flipping out over something that I had said a few days ago...  At the end, my GF breaks up with me... No more Ochocinco, bomb head, nice ass... land my side bitch admits to me that she just wanted to use me for the weekend... Now I'm single, jacking off again.... taking this L to the heart HB FORGIVE ME.

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1. Nick Cannon 2. Joey Bada$$ 3. Joe Budden 4. Tony Yayo 5. Mac Miller I'm not the person to argue over these lame ass fucking "rappers" . If  just listed one of your idols well that's too damn bad. Real talk, share with me the lamest rappers you ever wished you never heard of in the first place. I can't stand listening to any of these dickheads. P.S. Lil B fucked my bitch.

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I was wondering this when me and a homie we're kicking it, bulls hittin and sippin...  Anyway, I always kill a cop and go into a Pay N Spray just to have that feeling of getting away with murdering a cop. I usually ride in a PCJ 9hunna and drive by everyone else riding bikes because well... I'M JUST DAT NIGGA !  Hopefully people participate in this thread, niggas worried about Crazy Corrupt Cop Killa and shit... Let's take it back to GTA ma niggas...  INB4 GTA 5.

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Why do people from Canada think they got it bad? Have they ever gone to war? Don't they have health insurance? Can't you get a maximum of 3 years for catching a body over there? If you do not know what the fuck I am talking about then here.... [Embed content]

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Supoort the homie doing his thing, here goes a few links Twitter @alienwolfline Facebook facebook.com/alienwolfclothing

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Okay so I lost my fuckin job for drinkin during lunch break... I think I will be having more than enough time to moderate, or should I say, REGULATE (word to nate dogg, RIP doe) these dick in the booty ass niggas talkin about not bein fagazy on this forum... now idk wtf happens in the other threads and topics, but off topic be chill... like that du wehatelondon swags hard and shit, plus the boii is in the army, extra SUS you feel me? I hope you don't, cuz that be wild homo (shoutout to Cam'ron) but yeah .... Too Short, Didn't Read TS;DR 20 year old man loses job due to 211's... Realizes he goes on Hypebeast drunk as shit... Sees alot of anti-straight threads... Notices alot of homos due to being a metrosexual... Does not want jailbait... Stalks Sandy and Claire AT THE SAMN DAMN TIME... Wants to be Mod... Makes thread that initiates the interest of becoming a MOD due to bein fired... Remembers he got fired.... Drinks another tall can of a 211... About 15 seconds away from pissing himself Too Stupid, Didn't Read TS;DR Highkey asking HB how to become a mod... P.S. I will suck some dick for some trukfit, as long as I get to close my eyes and pretend it's Channing Tatum... [Embed content] NO HOMO BUT WE COCKING THEM....

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yo shoutout to [HBxOT] man the forum NICE I'm a fuckin beaner so I don't order beans without the RICE My cousin Juan didn't take a shower for a week... that nigga caught LICE It's Merry Christmas, ALL I SEE IS RED AND GREEN LIGHTS Marquez knocked out that fillipino, THAT NIGGA SAID GOOD NIGHT Bleek with black eyes and a painted face... MAN THATS A SCARY SIGHT Shoutout to my #OYYOY niggas, WE ALL DOWN TO FIGHT Deez HansumBoyz niggas see the fourth letter of the alphabet, THESE NIGGAS DOWN TO BITE....

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So I started talking to all types of girls E V E R Y W H E R E .... like literally, there hasn't been one girl I've seen that I haven't spoken too, ma niggas I feel good. Anyway, I'm about making moves now as opposed to before where I dranked and smoked and those things let to other ishh, but hey, at least I'm alive and doing better. So now that I ain't bout dat lazy life no mo, ideas have been hittin me from left to right, and it's only right if I share a few of them with y'all. First and foremost, I will be using the internet to my advantage, so depending if niggas wanna see how my life is going, I might make a blog about myself where you guys will be able to participate in, I will be doing bass guitar cover videos, reviewing rap/metal albums, and taking pictures, maybe a few videos here and there. Creating this thread/topic in the off topic probably wasn't my smartest idea, but it's better than nothing. Shoutout to the SB fam that turned they back on me, fuck dem niggas bruh, I'm repping OT til I turn 21, or until I die (obviously) Here go a few links so you can get an idea of me [URL] P.S. If you're gonna troll, make it successful - Lil B

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youtube.com/818klowner facebook.com/basedbyron

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These are my designs/images for my t-shirts. I will be finishing creating my website, but in the mean time, visit my instagram to get a few ideas of what the brand stands for. Follow, like the photo you would like to have, comment on the color of the tee, place a social media link (optional) and rock that NU-GEN... [URL]

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Basically I'm asking for a few tips. I'm gonna go to school for this but that's until next year, just thought maybe there are a few simple things I should know. INB4 this threads fails<br>

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