In 6th grade there was this one girl would annoy the shit out of me. So one day I decided to be a demon and harm her. During P.E, I had picked up a rock and threw it at her from a long distance. It turns out she had a big cut on her leg and she had to go to the nurse's office. I still don't regret it.

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Girls with personalities are very attractive. But sometimes they don't have the nice ass or perky tits. As long as she cute in the face then we can date but that's besides the point...

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only in the summer and because i have a nice ass

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i dont talk to girls with bad feet

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just tell her how u feel, you never know if you and her can bond with each other and share life stories... dont be afraid to open up, but dont be the idiot to go back to her after she fucks up.. enjoy life fam

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[Quote]good looking out, im watching it on youtube some nigga betted 50 dollars and gave up only 20, then he got hit with a bottle and camron about to piss on him, "hey yo no homo doe, no homo" LMAO

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dont call ur gf wen ur at the other chicks house i got caught up in the pussy and did that once and this is how i got caught also dont let sidechick know where u live

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u guys really care about this?

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logg off forever

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invest that $500 into drugs sell and make enough money to buy high quality music recording equipment make hit songs

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real shit, flirt with the chick u tryin to bring back home, feel the energy, enjoy the time ur having with her, turn your swag on and then show her your dick, ask her "So what are we gonna do about this?"  take her home violate that bitch

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look up bas rutten fight technique on youtube  cross yours arms and starE that bitch nigga down slowly move your hand to your chin as if you were thinkin about something wen he gets close to you HEADBUTT THAT BITCH NIGGA IN THE NOSE proceed to throw hard str8's, always put weight into ur punches also sometimes u gotta take hits to land hits build up anger/hate and let it out if the fight aint goin ur way poke his eyes with ur thumbs, kick in the nuts, choke him fuck his bitch after winning fight

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wear preme

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It's either you're gonna do what you set your mind to or you're gonna take the backseat and watch people's dreams unfold in front of your eyes. Whatever it is that you wanna do. GET TO IT! Nothing worth having in this life is easy, work hard B, fuck anyone that says other wise... who are we to tell you what you can and can't pursue in life? Make decisions on your own,  Live your life, nobody else should.

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