A couple pairs of jeans, one or two chino pants, 3-4 polos & button-ups, 4-5 plain t-shirts, a simple good-quality sweater and a jacket, 2 casual shoes and a dress pair are pretty much all you need. If all of you (the ones with 20-30 pairs of shoes) really think about it you will see that no one really cares what the hell you wear. Sure, you won't be the hippest dude on the block, but you'll make a statement that shows you're secure enough with yourself to not need someone else boosting your ego by complimenting your new nikes everyday. Take this however you like but I like the quote from American Gangster when Frank Lucas says "the loudest man in the room is also the weakest."

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bought some at a j.crew for $13 on sale

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[URL] I found this shirt at a Saks for $37 on the sale rack that was originally retailed at $475. Didn't find it at a thrift store, but just goes to show you can find great deals anywhere!

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paris/tokyo-lupe fiasco the world is yours-nas cookie jar- jack johnson strange overtones- david byrne and brian eno

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Yeah, I've always like the classic style photography. I used to use film cameras with B&W so i guess that carried over to when i started using digital.

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[Image] Let me know what you think. thanks eugene k.!

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Remix [URL] man this is the song i thought of when i read the title of the thread. and yeah the remix is way tighter.

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I don't have much experience with H&M but i would expect it to fit pretty slim, it looks pretty nice for $200, though.

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Sperry Topsiders x Supreme

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my heart skipped a beat

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sperrys fit true to size, so if you have a dress shoe in size 9 then sperry's in size 9 should fit you perfectly.

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i see these all the time at walmart in texas. get the cowboy cut, they're like a slim/strait fit. But all the ranchers and farmers wear these so idk if you want to look like a city cowboy haha

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I own a Canon A-1 and a Minolta X7a. Both use 35mm film. I've only been shooting with them for a few months because I wanted to start useing film again. What did you want to know about the lenses?

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the north west [URL] but unless you're not a size xxxl you'll have to wait till they restock smh

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