pm sent about qlo navy crew

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nzbdStatus (for SABnzbd) makes grabbing files off usenet so much easier...

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time to dust off the arcade sticks, dudley is back smokeyface

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definitely gonna roadtrip it to this!

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i prefer rolling my own. peter stokkebye amsterdam shag sans filter. smoooooooth and so good.

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got what he deserved. old man owned.

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i've only worn them with socks on colder days when i probably shouldn't be wearing boat shoes. otherwise, i never wear socks with them in the summer.

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[Quote] this is what i think, as well. curious to see where the hell claire's been all this time...

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black high-top jv cons and white nike court lows and i switch between black & white padded leather high-top chucks for the gym smokeyface

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damn, I forgot about this movie! can't wait for release.

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i've been watching yakitate!! japan the past couple weeks... so funny, so good.

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looking forward to old school sonic gameplay. 3d sonic totally blew.

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eat a lot (eat your bodyweight in grams of protein), rest a lot, lift hard. i gained 20 lbs in 4 months. never seriously lifted before that. most of the weight went to my legs though, from squatting.

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he meant good luck, I assume. good luck smokeyface

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thanks for the codes

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