The title says it.... Dior homme Desert boots. Size on the box says 41, but they fit like 9- 9.5's. 100% authentic purchase from Saks. I like them a lot, but I will not have many occasions to wear them and I don't want these just sitting in my closet. asking $400....or you can try bidding on them ebay ( i have them listed there as well ) [Image]

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I purchased this Camera about two days ago and i love it. Books for college are a bit more expensive than i thought. There is nothing wrong with it do some research on it... It's a pretty sick camera. I have the box the CD and everything that came with it. It's pretty much brand new. hit me up. I also got some brand new Ibeats i wanna sell [Image]

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has anyone thought about importing and exporting arms? i think thats a shitload of money, but you are gonan end up a warlord or something oh and also a millionaire!smokeyface

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3 pairs of RRL denim. $1 each i kid you not. i paid $3.15 total and made over $400 selling thme.

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I $ell $ellphones.

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i've had 3 pair and honestly they are not worth the money.

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5'11 32x34

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I've been doing the same, but do you guys always have a steady supply? and do you actually have a large profit out of the revenue you obtain? I was just like you, i sold locally and online for the past 4 years and i just figured that my revenue was large yet my profits were not amazing, but decent. however; you guys may be more successful than me. is a pretty cool website to start something and the prices aren't too bad. i would suggest that you guys start a website like whiskey militia and woot and offer a couple item a day. GOOD LUCK!

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i'd recommend an incase bruh

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i'll give my son a blunt, and let him think about it.

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dude ill buy the phoneee

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this thread is shit.

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Audi dawg, get an A3 if you got the money (TDI = 40+ mpg)

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[Quote] my mom's side of the family stole around $60,000 - $80,000 through false paperwork and fraud etc. my dad forgave them real talk, fuck family.

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my name kat stacks, and i like to get fucked.

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