sperry top siders just got a pair and theyre great

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Anyone check out the event they were supposed to come to Montreal but they cahnged it to quebec city i think so that sucks but are you guys going to view or attend?

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lots of Diesel and Gstar a by of enjoi circa and ther skater brands that i used to wear

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what are those shades?

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It's 22 here in canada so i need some style inspiration for what to wear this summer im thinking plaid shirt cargo shorts and some boaters but what are you guys wearing?

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Happy new year Discussus

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Ill be willing to take those supra Tuffs off your hand but how does the trade work exactly?

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I live in Quebec in the country where people grow there own alot, so at night go out and steal some plants then smoke it up aha i got 2 sandwhich bags full and its pretty decent stuff smokeyface

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fucking air yeezys are digusting and to be honest bape isnt that hot for the price

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Theres this totally dope Z3 coupe at my GMC retailer dunno why lol but its there and its dope as shit man black red interior and its black itself, thinking about getting it &)

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yeah i got diesel jeans and t for 120 for jeans and 45 for shirt pretty sick deal

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Any good shops in MTL with decent prices on tees which for me is 30-40$ Jeans 50-100 and looking for some puma kicks anything under 200$ or some supra and a Nice jacket under 200$ any suggestions/.?

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