This might be more of a ramble than anything else, but take it for what it is. Nobody forced you to read this shit and frankly I don’t give a fuck. I just had to do it just because.  Some people don’t have the fortune of having someone to talk to, mind you.  So with that snarky, insecure preamble, let me begin. Everyone has gifts—you have a gift, he has a gift, I have a gift. The brain-dead quadriplegic-from-birth kid afflicted with Down's Syndrome might not have any, but you my friend, if you’re reading this and comprehending it, you're probably gifted in some form or another.  Wherever you are in life, enjoy it however you choose, but don’t forget, those gifts ingrained within your psyche or your physicality will remain with you until the day the reaper comes calling.  These are things you should make an effort to retain and polish.  Even if your gift isn’t something you particularly enjoy utilizing, take advantage of it even if it you detest doing it or using it.  Not all gifts are profitable in nature, either. At least not monetarily.  Let’s say you’re naturally gifted at juggling.  No one is saying you need to be a two-bit mime juggling batons by day and turning tricks by night to pay rent, but even if you are, remember to nurture your gift. Take some time out of your day to try and juggle some balls, pause. Just do it, no Nike slogan.   So why am I writing this drawn out, didactic, pretentious faggoty diatribe at two in the morning?  Because I felt like it, but honestly, I don’t know. For one, I’m sick of the way a lot of things lately.  We’re inundated with distractions. It’s always been that way, but in this fucked-up, sensory-overloaded era where people are going through life a mile a minute, we let these irrelevant things dominate our perception and our time.  Every now again, we need that proverbial whack atop our head to jar our senses clear. I just wanted to let you know.  You are the driver and your gifts are your very own vessels, all of which are at your mercy.    Use them to take you to heights you never thought possible, or neglect them and be at the mercy of someone else’s control. False dichotomy or not, that’s how I see it. Let me know your thoughts.  Inb4 tldr. #OYYOYSL

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[Embed content] Light work for a light album #OYYOYSL

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[Embed content] SMH, Miami gonna be gunning for A$AP and Drake too, though

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[Embed content] Life seems to fluctuate a lot doesn't it? I dunno, I feel like I'm losing a grip on things, definitely sad about the fact my ex left me for someone cuter and more prone to eating out rectum. I also feel sad because my prized womprat was hurt in a speeder race, but hey, what are you gonna do about shit like that, right?  So how about you? How do you feel about life? Are you indifferent? Are you sad? Are you stiff? Disccuss.

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[Embed content] I had to expose this fuck nigga. Most yall what know who he is, but real niggas know what I'm talking about. #OYYOYSL

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Check it out yall, some dude blogged about my shit and wrote a cute little thing about your boy. Read it if you have spare time in between browsing SS and jerking off to WeHateLondon [URL]

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Greetings yall, It's been many moons since I made a topic, but anyway, here it is. I'm going to be creating a unique blog platform for people who want to eat in an alternative fashion: gambling and overall sports betting. This isn't a #SUSS blog, so those expecting to see hot beautiful bodied black men with pulsating niggacondas will be sorely disappointed. This blog will be a combination of hip-hop, gambling, sports etc. The blog is going to be officially sponsored by a couple of online sportsbooks, so if you want to join me on a journey you're welcome to come along. This is basically how it's going to work: I'm going to start documenting all of my sportsbetting picks officially, and if we make a profit, we eating. If we don't make a profit, we gonna be on struggle status. I'm gonna start with a bankroll of $500 and see how we go from there. Think of the blog as a journal of sorts that mixes in my exploits as far as gambling goes. It will also be about random shit too. Like I said, you're welcome to join me for the gambling ride, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. #OYYOYSL Here's the blog: [URL]

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smokeyface Coming soon smokeyface

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Alright yall, buddy been getting money thanks to the wonders of online betting. I am posting this thread to see if any of you little niggas are interested in winning some bread. If you're answer is, "No.", then would you kindly leave the thread b? If you're answer is, "Yes.", then PM me , and I can help you get in the game b. I can hook you up with a code that will give you a bonus on your first deposit you smell me? If yall niggas want me to answer your questions, give you some tips, etc. etc., just post in the thread or PM me and I can help you out b. #OYYOYSL BTW YOU GOTTA BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD YALL. YOU YOUNG NIGGAS WITHOUT A FAKE ID? DON'TEVEN BOTHER

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