Preferably DS, if not then very minimal wear. PM works but email at is better.

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Title pretty much sums it up. Also looking for Ice Cream Botiques and Bapes size 11. Really interested in anything that could be potentially offered. PMs work but my email is

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[Image] If anybody here follows me on twitter, then you may see my tweets mentioning my team, FUEGO. We're a group out of San Diego, Cali and I handle the blogging. Our main rapper, Cali Cam, has been steadily releasing music, opened for Nipsey Hussle, and even featured on Earlier today, he put out a track and I'd love to hear Hypebeast's feedback. The track is entitled Fancy Things and features a couple other artists from SD. Hes second on the track. He's got a new EP coming out in a month or two entitled Firm Business. Peep Fancy Things and a couple other songs below. [URL]

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This thread won't probably last more than today but it is more than necessary. [URL]

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This very well deserves its own thread. Hip hop mashed with music from Goldeneye. [URL]

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Im looking for any of the series. Preferably DS but i'll look at ones that are in good condition.

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title explains it all [URL]

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Nobodies hyped for this shit?! The first one was badass and i just finished case 0 and this game only got better. Dat chainsaw paddle swag smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface [URL]

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whats up hypebeast? im trying to sell this pretty rare tee that huf dropped a couple years ago because i havent worn it in maybe a year and its just taking room up in my closet. Its in great condition i've only worn it twice maybe and like i said not for maybe a year. It does have a really small hole in the right armpit that i did take a pic of. All the pics were taken with my blackberry due to me not owning a camera. the best way to reach me is my email [email][/email] or my twitter (which is in my sig) all i want is 30 shipped + 4% if using paypal. [Image] (sig on top back, idk i just thought it might be good to take a pic of) i also have a shit load of old supreme tees that i dont wear/dont fit anymore that are also XL, feel free to inquire about those too

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whats the deal hypebeast? im just trying to sell this to put some extra money in my pocket considering i dont play it anymore. Dont have a camera so i took all pics with my blackberry. This game is in great condition and comes with everything. Im completely legit, you can look me up on ISS because thats where i've sold the most shit best ways to contact me is my email [email][/email] or twitter (the name is in my sig) all i want is 35 shipped and add 4% if you using paypal [Image] (that might look like a scratch but i assure its just light)

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the age old debate between two of hip hops best albums. [Image] i got reasonable doubt

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i saw ski RT the shit out of this on twitter and thought it was 24 hour karate school tongueface ehh someone might be interested [Image] [URL]

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why the fuck does faggy drake have a quotes thread and cam/dipset/vado dont? "Now a ✖✖✖✖✖ got bacon to bake/ Harlem shake, naw I'm in Harlem shakin the weight/ Shakin the bake/Shakin the Jakes/Kill you,shoot the funeral up and Harlem shake at ya wake" "And I don't care where you been or what Jail go tell Disney all your fucking duck tales." "i'm heroine and sex in one, dope as fuck" smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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[URL] finally smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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