Getting a lot of comparisons to The Weeknd, especially for that "Alone" joint, but still this guy sounds sick to me, what y'all think? [Embed content]

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I feel like Hypebeast lacks a thread with boot love, So I decided to make one. Show Pictures of people in Boots, State what kind of boots you are rocking or gonna rock, Or just state some Rad pairs you've seen, Or even post fit picks with boots on.

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Thoughts on this Film? So far one of the most bizarre films I've seen, Until I belly up and watch the rest of Lynch's catalog.

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Lite Coolroy released a mixtape titled charlie, shit is dope give it a listen.especially for those alone on Valentine's day smh [URL]

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The West Coast scene has been thriving with talent and potential for quite some time. From Pac Div and Blu, to Flying Lotus and the Gaslamp Killer. Post ya shit up Hypebeast! [URL]

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anyone know some companies or places that might sell these type of knitted sweaters? [Image]

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I know this thread is long over due... so post those songs that make you wanna cut yourself... in a good way >smh [URL]

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I know some of you on this forum rock em smokeyface [Image]

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With Autumn here I thought it was appropriate to make a music thread that makes you think of this season, plus I want to hear music for the fall [URL]

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Preparing for the release of OD Post All things Kendrick [URL]

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