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Preferably a large and small one. Post/PM me. Paypal ready. Thanks.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BITij5KkxNQ blinkyeyes Hope this isn't a repost but gahdamn! Edit: fcked up the title

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Diamond Supply Co. Collegiate Tank Top, Black/Tiffany colorway from the first drop of them. Size Medium. Brand new in bag still. $60[B]shipped[/B] anywhere in the U.S. [B]obo[/B]. Paypal or MoneyOrder. PM or post if interested or need any additional photos. [Image]

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http://www.worldstaruncut.com/uncut/31444 Late?

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As title says. DS, never worn. Asking for $230[B]shipped[/B] obo. U.S. only. I accept paypal and money orders. If you need more info or want any other pictures PM me. [Image]

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$55 shipped o.b.o. PayPal preffered. Post/PM if interested. [Image]

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Camera is a D5000 tongueface I'll mainly be shooting cars and people from time to time. I know with the 50mm it'll only be manual focus. Would it be difficult to capture eyes focused perfectly with the 50mm through the camera? Or should I just go with the 35mm? &since the D5000 isn't a full frame the 35mm will actually be close to a 50mm? Or is that incorrect? Opinions por favor.

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$40+shipping It's for the older 13inch ALUMINUM(not the white ones) unibodies. Doesn't support the latest gen charger adapter. That's why I'm selling. Post/PM if interested. [Image]

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As title says, never worn. 9.5s SOLD. size 10 SOLD. $55shipped. pm for more pics or info. lemme knowwww [Image]

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How long does it take for them to make the transaction for you guys?

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