^^ agreed, also the 400 and installations in boulder

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i got it on the day it was released and i definitely like it alot. i like having a physical keyboard and the webOS that it has is very nice to run. all of the contact syncing and messaging is very nice as well. the app store is very small but will grow with time. overall i think the phone is great and will only get better with time, new apps, and software upgrades.

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[Quote]. lol thats what i was thinking!

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[Quote] Daemon tools is a ISO mounting software. It basically creates a "virtual" cd-rom drive that lets you "mount" virtual CDs. Once you install it you will see a new cd rom dive being recognized, then you can load ISO files (or other types of cd image files), which are the "virtual CDs"

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Do not use godaddy as your host..the whole site is bogged down with too much shit. I host a variety of sites on hostmonster.com They have the best customer service I have ever experienced, and they are willing to help out as much as possible with problems that you might run into. In terms of the coding, if your not going to do it yourself you should probably use some sort of blog engine like blogger or wordpress...id say wordpress since its very customizable.... also, check out themeforest.com for a bunch of themes and shit for layouts. if your going to code it yourself i could go on and on with resources

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Is anyone here a member at FFFFound.com? How is it?

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[Quote] I don't know where in my post I "defended my right to not use a mac", actually, i think i advised him to buy a mac???

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Yada Yada Yada.....the pc vs mac argument is endless and pointless... I love computers - all aspects, and i develop web sites for a career, but to be honest alot of it comes down to the lesser of two (or three) evils.... but to get back to the question of this post.... if you a average computer user, who wants a durable laptop, that can do everyday things, I would say get a Mac. You said you want to do some stuff with photoshop and it sounds like some basic web dev. A Mac will be able to handle that stuff very easily. However... There are some draw backs in terms of development that are hard to get around with Macs (such as developing in microsoft based languages that fall under the .NET umbrella)... there are ways to get around them, but its more of a pain in the ass..... I personally prefer a PC and I have problems with mac fanboys.... mac fanboys are the equiv to a wack ass hypebeast type kid trying to sport some hot shit when he knows shit about the gear he's rocking... ...sorry for the rant, hope that helps

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I got one from Banana Republic last year... looks like this, minus the douche bag, and i think it might be a little longer...pretty good quality and very warm! i do have to say it can look a little too preppy if you don't wear it right though... [Image]

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y0 We're putting on a show called "The Good Life" featuring fall fashions that are found at The Speakeasy on Broadway in Denver... info is listed on the flier....if your in the CO area hit me up and make it through!!! [Image]

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-------products from newegg.com------- 2 Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR533D2N4K2/2G - Retail $59.98 ($29.99 ea) 1 Rosewill RTK-001 Premium Anti-Static Wrist Strap - Retail $3.99 1 Syba SY-TOOLKIT-11 11 Pieces computer tool kit - Retail $11.99 1 AMD Phenom 8750 Toliman 2.4GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Triple-Core Black Edition Processor Model HD875ZWCGHBOX - Retail Item #: N82E16819103295 $134.00 1 APEVIA X-Infinity ATXB6KLW-BK/420 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 420W Power Supply - Retail $79.99 1 MSI K9A2 Platinum AM2+/AM2 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail $149.99 1 SAPPHIRE 100245L Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail $159.99 1 Western Digital Caviar SE WD5000AAJS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM $64.99 1 LITE-ON 20X DVD

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[Image] just built this ol' girl....please notice the grill on the front...smokeyface

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don > sport don throws whole fits together, not just a colored t with a matching pair of sneakers... also this might not count from anything, but from what i gather sport just has rich as parents who let him buy all this shit... id have a collection like that too if i had parents like that

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jackthreads.com has at least three purple new eras right now, for only $16.99... def check that out...pm me if you need an account

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[Quote] very good explanation and references to ALL COASTS... streetwear today more than anything is an evolution of style, and to neglect any major scene that contributed is neglecting the style itsself

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