What's the best type of jeans for small calves? Too skinny and it looks ridiculous but too big and it looks ridiculous also Don't worry, calf raises are in progress

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Do they fit tts? Wearing size 9 currently, would you guys who have the shoe recommend getting it in this size or above/below?

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Yo what do you guys wear generally in winter (Especially those from Canada and colder states). Sweatshirts, hoodies and ofcourse Jackets?

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Anyone know of a good alternative to Gold casio watches, in terms of price range & style? I like wearing watches but generally id rather not spend loads on them

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This kinda thread always pops up but can yall recommend some durable all black trainers for everyday? Ran through a couple Vans so no one recommend them please Thinking of some all black Asics if i can find them

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[Embed content] Can't believe this, RIP James Avery, God bless his fam.

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In terms of wordplay etc etc was he underrated? Look beyond his commercial tracks

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http://justmytype.ca/11-differences-between-dating-a-boy-vs-a-man/ Saw someone post this up. What do yall think, true or false points?

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Bought to do some shopping and it got me thinking, I actually dress pretty normal, like it ain't unique Does anyone dress with their own unique style? Like I don't think its possible

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Yo HB I need some help. I copped some Nike Air Pegasus 92s in a size 10 (9UK) and they're abit big, I'm gonna exchange them for a smaller size but ionno if I should get a US9.5 or a US9 Measured my foot size myself and they're about 27.5cm, according to this site I should fit into a 8.5 perfectly but I dunno if this sites measurements are right, they conflict with the  Nike site BUT the Nike site conflicts with the shoes' box which states that a US10 is 28cm Lol what do yall think?

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Gonna sound like a weird request but anyone got any info on where to cop a plain white Adidas beanie? With a black Adidas logo? Like there seems to be none online..

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Anyone know where I can cop a parka with fur on the hood? Preferably a slimish fitting one

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Yo guys, I need some runners to wear everyday as my Vans are taking a beating and they actually aren't that comfy for some reason Any recommendations? They need to be durable and comfy basically

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[Image] (10 AM Eastern)  Ayyy

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