thanks for the replies! How about Frames Direct?

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I'm really hesitant to buy sunglasses online because I'm afraid I might get sold fakes... but I've been driving around town trying to find a pair of Persols that fit me, and I can't find them except online. Has anyone bought anything from these guys? Are they legitimate? Edit: Added Frames Direct.

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I've always though of Naked and Famous denim as being the best 'newbie' jeans out there. Relatively cheap, great quality... if you don't like raw denim then it's not going to hurt as much compared to buying a pair of APCs.

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Hey guys, I bought a pair of Made and Crafted Tack Slim Black Overdye jeans, apparently they aren't raw but that's not an issue. They fit great, though I'm worried about the stretch. Do these things stretch a lot? Should I have gotten a size smaller or should I not be worried? The fit is perfect, but I was always under the belief that you should get something tighter to make room for stretch as you wear the pants over time.

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice holiday sweater, something like this: ...but obviously cheaper. Anyone know a good place to look?

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Fit is perfect, but I agree the sleeves were short.

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Honestly, when it comes to tees I think the faded, well worn look looks pretty cool.

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Never the top button, especially on a Polo. The only time I'm ever buttoning the top button is if it's a dress shirt and I'm wearing a tie.

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Couldn't find a thread for ACNE denim, but if I missed it my apologies. I saw a nice pair of ACNE Max Cash denim, what kind of fit should I get? My true waist size is 32.

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Is the general rule for Naked and Famous to size down by one or two? The ones I have are slim guys.

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Hey guys, bought a pair of Naked and Famous Slim Guy jeans. Fit great, though I had to go one size down than I'm used to with my Levis (Went from a 32 to a 31 for the Naked and Famous Slim Guys). Fit is tight around the waist, but not too tight to the point where I'm gasping. Couldn't try out a 30, but I felt as if I could probably fit those, but it would be extremely tight. Did I do right here? Or is the rule of thumb go as tight as you can until you can't button anymore? I think the fit great, but I'm starting to have second thoughts.

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Just bought a pair of Naked and Famous raw denim jeans. Fit great, a little tight (size was smaller than what I'm used to on my Levi's) but I was able to button it up. I read later that you should always size down when buying raw denim. I kind of felt that I could have tried a size down than what I bought but it would have been extremely uncomfortable. Should I have sized down one more or did I do OK?

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Can't go wrong with a Canada Goose, which is well below $1000 in most cases. Excessively warm.

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Really interested in getting a pair of Naked and Famous, but I'm switching over from 501's and I'm wondering what's the equivalent of 501's in the Naked and Famous line? And are all Naked and Famous jeans raw denim? Thanks in advance!

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Really like this pair of Converse that I'm seeing online, but I've never owned a pair before. I have a pair of Adidas Originals and I wear size 9.5. What size Converse should I get?

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