I've been wondering for a long time what the industry is really missing or if there is anything missing from it. Do you guys think there is anything lacking as of late or is there something it's always been missing?

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I'm getting rid of my GTI this summer for something roomier and nicer. I've been look at a lot of mid 2000 Range Rover HSE's but I've heard so many mixed reviews...anyone have any other recommendations? Thanks in advance. smokeyface

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Looking to buy some used am 1's and 90's, if you have some beaters send em my way. Send pics too. :D

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I was just wondering what peoples favorite brands are this year/all time/whatever. I'll start; Mishka has been my shit for a long time, undefeated, and norse projects are a few others.

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Not to hop on the band wagon (if there is one?), but I've really been considering making some leather goods. Shitty thing is I have no idea where to start? Does anyone have any advice at all?? blushing

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I've got some BRAND NEW (as of 2 hours ago) Iron Heart 643's in W32 L34 (PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE NOT THE SELVEDGE 634). I can't send them back so I'm selling them here for $210 + shipping/paypal fees. I paid in total $280 or so. NO LOW BALLING. Price is firm. I'm also taking on trades, so make offers (W34). [Image] more pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/brosef/sets/72157625699826363/

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Debating this, springs are way cheaper but in the end I'll have fucked up shocks and struts, but good coilovers are so fucking expensive...what do I do HB!? smh

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Deadstock B&W Campus Vulc Mid (10.5), Deadstock dirsuptive/red supreme halfcabs (11), and NDS Nike SB Villanovas (11). s/o:$60 BIN:$80 [Image] PM for more pictures.

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has anyone had one of these i've looked at reviews and pics taken with em. it seems like a super good camera and it's cheap. if you have any personal experience lemme know how it is! blushing

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I'm really fucking up right now, probably not the best time since I'm a junior. Anyone have any advice for why I should care about this? It seems so pointless and I know it's good to have an education, but I think the whole system and politics of it all are fucked. anyway help me out? smh

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I would say I'm at least decent at photography, but still looking to expand of course...anyone know of any really good, helpful books out there?!?

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I'm getting some flashes for a skate set up soon. I've heard to get sb-24,25,26,28 or vivitar 285's. also for slaves a pocketwizard or skyports set up, but have also heard to use cheap ebay slaves. Anyone have something to add??

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Anyone know how their cardigans fit or how any of their sweaters and shit fit? thanks blushingblushing

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anyone have any experience with these???? I was thinking about getting a holga for fun since they're super cheap smokeyface also i see a lot of people getting holgas and getting contact sheets. Would I be able to scan those "well" with your average scanner?

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