[Quote] do u think killa cam is gangsta??

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hit me up [URL] I got that fire!

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^^^ this mane speaks the truth

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Everybody knows in order to make money; or even get so kind of radio play you need to network. I dont think some people understand the REAL importance of networking. So this is what this thread is for. Post a small bio about your self; including email/myspace/location/name. Any thing else you want to add is up to you. Name : Chris Hundreds ____________________________ Website : [URL] ____________________________ Email : [email]Chrishundreds@gmail.com[/email] ____________________________ Location : Raleigh, NC ____________________________ Extra: Looking to work with some good talent. Also willing to collab if its worth my time. I also make cd covers.... Add me on myspace and check me out!

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this video is comparable to some of linkin parks videos. or is it just me?

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pretty sure he just used recyle lyrics and made a new beat. thats what midi mafia is known 2 do.

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uhh i mean she still goes with reggie, but I'd bet she'll do anything to get a more famous name. uhh i wouldnt be surprised if this went down.... but god damn she's sexy. ray j is a lucky man. reggie 2.

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heres the exact video to what he sampled. [URL]

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im going, then going to frankies or to get something to eat afterward, have fun.

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gets a little repetitive, use some better quality sounds, and it would sound nice

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One of my favorite Eminem songs "drug Ballad" [URL]

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Get some dead prez in your life. [URL]

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lmao at first i didnt see a diffrence, but damn u got slayed

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so this is the versions of the songs, that couldnt get the rights to the samples?

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