AUDIO: G-Unit - Get Down

If t.o.s is anything like the last 2 mixtapes it gonna be a banger, dare I say classic.....

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The-Dream - Love/Hate

vocal talent is not even a factor with this album, they're just good songs perfect for listening to or bumping in a party setting.smokeyface

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The Official A.P.C Denim Thread

If i want to get a pair of rescues tapered in NYC, where is the best place to have it done? money isnt the biggest issue, i would prefer to spend more for a quality job.

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Jim Jones ft Juelz Santana - Splash

Last dude sounds like hova lol but the track is smokeyface "young splashy splash"

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Lmfao Funniest Freestyle Battle Ever

I think Eli is mentally challenged, I feel kinda bad for him lol. As for who asked, its the beat for I Really Mean It - Cam'ron

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Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - I Pray

wayne was awful, juelz is getting better, his verse was actually good.

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Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express a "weed action movie"

[Quote] in NYC they had a showing for critics and needed people to fill up the theater, so we went. They had it uptown on 63rd ish and 2nd ave if you know new york. I pretty much lucked out and walked by when they were handing out fliers for it.

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MP3: Mickey Factz Ft. N.E.R.D. - Dont Be Light

nothing more needs to be said. piff. apparently the smoking smiley doesnt work

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MP3: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar (Acoustic Version)

I like them equally but this version has a more relaxed vibe i like

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G-Unit - I Like The Way She Do It

I'm feeling it, i think some of the tracks of body snatchers or elephant in the sand would have made a better single though.

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MP3: Mickey Factz - K-1 Attack

Piffsmokeyface I'm already a fan but this track impressed me

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MP3: Really Doe Ft. Kanye West - Plastic

Unimpressed. The hook was o-k, verses alright. I won't judge Really Doe since i haven't really peeped him outside of one other song but Kanye's verse didn't do anything for me.

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MP3: The Carps Ft. Cool Kids- Heaven's gate Hell's Flames

i find the cool kids to be really hyped, but after hearing them rap over a beat that doesn't sound like all of their others, they might actually have some skill.

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Meet the next Miami locals to blow

been bumping this for a while now, good to see some others are feeling it.smokeyface

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Touch my body desert storm remix ft. Cam

Cam & Mariah. Props to pardonmeduke. [URL] "they wanna see i-d, I'm d-i-p"

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