I found this pretty cool contest that's going on right now where you can meet her! You upload a video saying why you should get to meet Keri! The info is here [URL] blushing It

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any bone thugs fans in here? bizzy bone is back, his new album is sick! are any of you gonna pick it up? [URL] i just checked out some of the sample tracks, bizzy totally kills it

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i just have a ghetto 1990 mercedes 300e, i mean it's still a mercedes but i hate that car so much. it breaks down every single month and costs a grip to repair. i just wanna get like a honda next to replace it.

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i'm a laker fan but i really feel bad for the blazers, they've never really recovered from losing to the lakers all those years ago. they have the worst luck ever, they get greg oden only to have him get constantly injured while kevin durant becomes an all-star. now you get brandon roy and his problems, hopefully he can still play for awhile.

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hey guys so i'm kind of a noob as far as denim brands go, i've just been trying to find some skinny jeans that i like. i started out with the pac sun jeans but they were too loose around the legs, right now i'm wearing the levi's 510 super skinny's but they're still kinda loose around the ankle area. what are some other brands that you guys recommend? people have recommended me jeans from urban outfitters, cheap monday, and apc. which ones do you guys think are the best? also i don't wanna spend a fortune on them, so best bang for my buck?

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Just sharing with you guys possibly one of the catchiest songs of year. With a combo of hip hop, R&B, pop and electronica, iSquare's single "Hey Sexy Lady" is definitely a song you guys should check out. iTunes: h t t p : / / bit.ly/c8ptpZ Here's their facebook page: facebook.com/iSQUAREmusic They aren't big yet, but if they keep putting out music like this they are bound to be huge someday.

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Any Yelawolf.

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Yeahhhh so i just bought the vinyl... it sounds so good. Has anyone else bought that yet??

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fav track yeah man! whats your fav track!?? SECOND HALF is so dope- and i cant choose between "right on" and "the fire" as my fav track.

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awesomeeee album by eminem

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he's not a rapper... not a singer... what is he? not the worst thing to come from drake i guess

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you can buy the album along with a t-shirt or you can pre-order the vinyl at h t t p : / / b i t . l y / r t s p r o r d r (i had to put in spaces since i can't post links =/) i'm definitely thinkin about buying all 3 things... woo!

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oh wow robin thicke is awesome love this song

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Ozomatli is holding a remix contest. prize is $500!!! Who's in?!"!?! check out their myspace for details

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I found an Itunes link to preview the new Rihanna Rated R CD... Now I'm even more excited about the CD dropping next week.. Has anyone heard any other snippets from the album? I can't wait to listen to Rockstar 101 with Slash! Here's the link to the preview for anyone is interested: bit.ly/iTunesRiRi

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