Where do you guys get your jeans tailored? I have a pair of Naked and famous and a pair of RR i would like to get hemmed. I dont wanna eff them up so i want some good, trusted place lol.

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I wanna buy the khaki color (yellow zipper one) really like it T_T http://hypebeast.com/2010/04/levis-originals-2010-april-releases/

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email pics and price to [email]brianlee1992@hotmail.com[/email]

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Im Looking FOR!!!! [B][COLOR="Navy"]Imperial Duke Sz 31 Indigo / Black![/COLOR][/B] pm me or send an email to [email]brianlee1992@hotmail.com[/email]

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Pictures loading might take a while. Please be patient! Thanks! /October 13: Added GoodFoot Crewneck, Subcrew Cap, Unless Military hat /March 2:Added Evisu jeans, Bape tee http://img175.imageshack.us/g/p2210251.jpg/ [B][U][COLOR="Red"]Email me if you want more pictures, Everything is 100% legit.[/COLOR][/U][/B] Accepts PayPal Only. Welcome Local Pickup around Markham [U][B][COLOR="Red"]All my items are only owned and worn by me 100% legit [/COLOR][/B][/U] [U]So far, i have sold my fenom on this forum.[/U] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009 Evisu engineering jeans Waist 32(Japanese Washed Denim!!! Imported from Japan!) Bought in Hong Kong Evisu Retail Store Bought it for 2490 HKD(price on tag) Equivalent of 320 USD, 350 CAD Starting Offer: 200USD Shipped Instant win: 250USD smokeyface Condition: 10/10 Have Tag, 2 wears, never washed, im the only owner Cutting: Straight Leg [Image]

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Has anyone tried that? i dont see it very often and i tried it myself o.o the effect is actually not bad blushing i did get the idea from this taiwanese mag tho haha but ya any comments on this?

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