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Hey guys, I know mad people here wear timberland boots here for style but I am trying to find the model number that everyone wears with the slim jeans and the popped out tongue. Im really liking the black ones more than the tan ones. If people could help me out and point me in the right direction on which model number that all these artists and people with a sense of fashion wear would be awesome. basically like these:

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Hey guys, I am wanting to know if any of you guys know any streetwear boutiques in New Jersey. Ones that are new or have been around, I know of - Strong Hold Shop, Rare Breed, Syndicated, Headquarters. Do any of you guys know of any with full print shirts that have those crazy godly designs and the ones with the gold chain styles. This type of stuff Thanks for the help.

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[Quote]Lmao, funny thing is, half of his shit is a replica item. For example: Not real.

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More pictures would be awesome.

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This doesnt look real to me "Will come with Louis Vuitton box, dust bag and Louis Vuitton tissue paper", what the fuck is this cheap Obey shit? Its a luxury brand, mine came with the thick dustbag with the brown drawstrings on each side. Like this: What the fuck is tissue paper? Also, the Louis Vuitton Made In Spain is not even readable, its supposed to be burned in NOT stamped His ebay picture: Authentic picture: Also, notice the color difference of the stitching

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The box is def fake, if you notice the difference, as in CM is capitalized when its not supposed to, compared to a real box: Your Picture: [Image]

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All i know is the second one is named "MHI 1/6TH SIKH TEE RED/GREY"

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Has anyone ever bought stuff or know about <br><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br><br>It has some crazy shit on it, some of the stuff iv seen that Bsales wears (Will probably be butt hurt for saying his name)<br><br>I'm scrolling through it and it has some uncomfortable fucking shit.<br>

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Black DaDa - Imma Zoe [Embed content]

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All of Dumbfoundead and Wax albums/mixtapes Dumbfoundead albums - ~ Dfd (Great album, best song would be 'Green' and 'Cell Phone') Cell Phone: Green: ~ Fun With Dumb ~ Take The Stares (Simple album, classic style, best song 'Wine') Wine: ~ Clockwise Wax albums/mixtapes - ~ Scrublife (Holy shit, wow, cant even list the songs that are great, way to many to list!) ~ Eviction Notice (His first album. Listen to 'Rosana') ~ Liquid Courage (Some regular songs, when he was first starting out) Trust me and you wont be let down at all!

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[Image] Pair of Air Max 90's yesterday from FootLocker. Had the old colorway with more white and no textured black elephant print. Look pretty nice with camo shorts or like sweatpants but not so much with jeans.

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I use a stuff called burts bees. But talked to Brandon Sales a while ago, asked him about his hair gel. [Image] lmao

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[Quote] [Image]

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Whats up people, its fucking college shit status. Anyone going to Brookdales Lincroft Campus?

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