Boots are Red Wings, hand-made. Waterproof <That alone these should sell for $200+, but im letting them go for less/ trades welcome too Nordstrom sells a wack pair for $250. LMK. [Image]

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I have it. Its fucked up, shit is getting worse :/

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[SIZE="5"][B]Post a pic of someone black that has had a profound influence in your life or who has inspired or mentored you in any way, shape or form.[/B] [/SIZE] il start.. the Greatest. [Image]

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if you have a moment check out this movie review, click the video half way down the page and watch-shit gets really funny about a one min in. i found this very entertaining blushing watch it til the end.

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whose idea was it to advertise FAKE shoes on hypebeast? [Image]

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[Image] [SIZE="5"],0,6067556.story?coll=la-home-entertainment[/SIZE]

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HAHA. it was only a matter of time! Now im waiting for a bold senator to step forward with the fillings needed to kick-off an impeachment. smokeyface

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haha, so yesterday i was trying to find parking in front of the Puma store and this dude is just staring at me. I park my ride and i see hes crossing the street. he walks over and says "thats a nice ride." im like, ok thanks. then he gets a little closer and says , "hey aint you [B]brian from chicago[/B]?....damn whats up dude?" i said yes, and with a little hesitation i start walking away and then homey was "like can we get a picture?" thats when i was like "get away from me" and then i took off. i wasnt trying to be a dick but this guy was creeping me out, and his fit was pretty beasty. he had on a stussy tee and i think some vans. i dont know if he is from here or not smh

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Rumor has it that Kobe will be traded to the Bulls...what do you guys think?

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hey guys, [B]dunkxchange[/B] is going to be here in Chicago tomorrow and i am curious to know if this has been a success in other cities. will it be worth my time? thanks in advance. -BV

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