[URL] A very entertaining watch, if you have an hour of free time I would suggest you watch the episode from beginning to end.

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Both Phelps and Bolt are beasts in their respective sports. The way I see it, Phelps had the best training, coaches and equipment that money could buy. Bolt on the other hand never had that luxury, he had to get himself on the international stage before he could even be at Phelp's level. They both had the backing of their respective countries but Jamaica is no where near America in terms money spent on athletes. It is really tough to call and I would side with Bolt, but Phelps did dominate to win 8 Gold Medals, he also swam 17 times to get them.

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Pictures would make this thread 10000 times better. Set it up so you can smash both in the same day, closest thing to a threesome you could get.

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fap till the pain is gone.

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The CTU Ringtone. Needed something that didn't sound like every business phone and I didn't want a music ringtone. Plus it makes me feel like Bauer.

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My current setup. - Standard Alarm - Hood Denial System - Trunk Battery - Secondary Alarm Battery - Ignition Coil Wire Removal No one will fuck with this system, the only real way anyone could possibly steal the car would be to have it towed. Without a connected power source the only viable option of starting the car would be a rolling start to engage the engine. The only way to access the trunk is with the key because there is no interior trunk switch. Since I always remove the Coil Wire there will be no spark and no ignition. I use a motorcycle battery, which I've hidden underneath the hood, to power the alarm and its sensors. The only downside is that I have to constantly re-charge the battery.

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Is there anything in particular you are looking for? Coupe? Sedan? Hatchback? MPG? You really should narrow it down based on what you want and or need. If you are looking for something with 5 seats, you can't really go wrong with a lot of the suggestions listed above. But I will however warn you and suggest that you bring a friend or relative who knows automotive technology. Just because it seems like a deal you could be setting yourself up to spend another 3k down the road on maintenance. Getting a CarFax report will also be very helpful. Get the cars that have been properly maintained, recently serviced and babied. You may end up spending a bit more but these are the used cars that will last. If you have the time and are willing to waiting and constantly check postings you could find a steal.

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I'll be there.

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Nope, and thank god. When ever I see the guy around town he always brings it up. His experience is best summed up from this [URL]. [Quote]

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- Girls who can't handle their liquor should never give you head while intoxicated, while wearing your favorite jeans. And lastly, this comes from a friend who was willing to take one for the team and experience it for all of us. - Never shave your ass.

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Was I scared? Shitless. This was during Flu season and I remember catching a Cold and thinking "OH FCKN SHIT YOU'RE DOOMED". Before I told anyone the actual results I actually fucked with my friends, telling them I banged girls they banged them. Lets just say some didn't enjoy the testing and the cotton swab X urethra collaboration. Yes I would fuck with my friends head all over again.

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Joy: New Girls on Campus Pain: Fees, books, gas and the parking.

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Hows this for close call. Banged a girl freshmen year in college, I don't see here till senior year. We start talking catching up on old times. Run into her a year late, she is HIV positive. Assured me she contracted it 1 month or 2 ago because she gets tested every 6 to 12 months, which would explain why I was never contacted. Regardless I still got blood work and had the joy of getting a cotton swab put into my penis. Couple of weeks later when friends would ask if I had AIDS I would answer. "I'm HIV Positive I don't have AIDS" Just a little mind fuck for them.

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Like everyone before me said, don't spend money you don't have. Being as young as you are, I doubt you will want to get into financial issues early, going through Chex Systems could fuck up your life for several years. Always make sure you know your balance, and always check it, whether it be via the phone, online, ATM or through a teller, always know. I personally check my balance twice a day, once in the morning and once again before sleep, and if I do plan on buying something I will check before I purchase. It also helps to be friendly with your tellers and the managers, they can waive the fees. Being a relative of the branch manager is also nice.

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I found that an uber strict diet and resistance training for the abs was the only way for me.

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