Yesterday I went to the final stages of the Rally of Scotland at Scone Palace. It was fucking cool, I've never been to a motor sports event before. Now I'm dying to go to a real WRC event. Anyways, I took some pictures and a short video.

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[URL] Some of these fucking pictures are hilarious.. Also, vote for #17 Richelle while you're at it. (It's for somebody's cousin)

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If you haven't seen or heard of it, it won Best Documentary at the Academy Awards..but in all honesty that's besides the point.. I wanted to watch it to get a better understanding of the Recession/Banking Crisis, and wow.. This really is a must see.

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it would probably be this one.. [URL]

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Mourinho is the best manager in the world..did Del Bosque run Spain during the 2008 Euros? And between Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi.. Messi is the best player in the world.. Honestly I think it should have been Xavi, if not Iniesta..I can't honestly say Messi deserves this over Xavi or Iniesta. And if Messi is going to receive the award why wasn't Sneijder in the Top 3? Won the Treble and made it to the World Cup final? Where as Messi, didn't make the Champion's League final..and got crushed by Germany in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

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Anyone know where I can find one? Grey or Black. Under $100

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I'm looking for a hoodie that looks like this.. [Image] There was one on 80's purple a while back, but now it's not on there.. Just looking for a "looser" "baggier" hoodie with that tall neck, for not 300 dollars.

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Im looking for something big enough to be able to carry.. My Laptop + other electronics, ipod, phone etc. Shoes + other assorted clothes. Documents and other random things. Basically something with a laptop sleeve, and enough room to put a bunch of clothes and shoes etc. Im going to be doing a lot of traveling, and I really need to find something. I looked through the backpack thread already, but I'm not sure on anything because most of that is for normal school use. Also, if possible I'd like to only spend up to 100 dollars. Thanks.

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IF anyone knows, where I might find it or what brand..basically any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. [Image]

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[Image] Basically a hooded trench coat. Trying to find something for under 100, even if it's a parka I can buy fabric and make a belt and have the loops tailored or something of the sort.

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Its ours hhhhhhhhhhaaa fuck you chicago

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Where to buy? Help pleaseeee.

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Basically for travel, a backpack to hold my laptop and other electronics..doesn't have to be fact a light, clean, simple backpack. And for the duffel bag of course mid size.. anyone know where I can get either of these for a reasonable price? I've looked at some Lacoste backpacks and a couple of other duffel bags.. Ideally I would just get head porter for both, but I don't have 1k to drop on looking for something relatively cheap as well.. Any help?

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[Image] The black one, you know the only jacket in the picture lol. Can't find it anywhere, I'm assuming it's a high end fashion brand..probably from a euro based designer. But I bet all these things are obvious enough. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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