Bottom line, I was drunk AF (I'm buzzed right now) and i fucking lost my 2-week old iphone. I never got insurance for it, but my bro has insurance for his, so I'm thinking of using his to claim that he lost his iphone so I can get a new one. Anyone ever tried tried this shit without ever getting caught? I'm with ATT.

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I work at a ma & pa pharmacy

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on july 4 show up to any carls jr restaurant in a spiderman suit and you get a free bacon burger

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This nigga coming out with good shit. Latest track: [Embed content]

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pm if you got one for sale!!!!!!!!!!!! [Image] NEED THE KHAKIS!

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I got a pair of Unbranded right now and I'm finally trying to upgrade to something with much better quality. So which of the two would HB fam prefer? Which Iron Heart has the closest fit to 710?

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Rip [URL]

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Pretty dope game. Who else plays this shit? [Image]

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Which one of ya'll fools have this?

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i got this stain on my jacket that i can't get rid off by washer or hand. you think dry-cleaners can remove it?

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i've been lifting weights lately ya know trynna get ripped there's been progress but when i flex my upper body, my muscles on the right side are bigger than my left wtf how can i fix this? should i just work out my left side a lot more?

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anyone got the lyrics for it?

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