For Sale: Nike Air Max 90s Hyperfuse "USA Blue"  Size: 8.5 (Fits like a 9) Condition: Used, but can pass as DS Price: SOLD! No original box Sorry for the low quality pic, will try and take with natural sunlight tomorrow. Message me if you are interested. [Image]

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I have a brand new pair of APC New Standards. Size 26. Have had them for almost a year with plans of breaking them in and starting a cycle but never did. Only have been tried on when i bought them. Located in Los Angeles. Willing to meet up. $120shipped OBO+4% or send as gift. Paypal only. [Image]

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Only accept paypal or meetup in Los Angeles. All are size medium and DS with tags. add 4% to all. Cat Tee - $46.80! NEED GONE!! offer any price for stickers [Image]

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[B]SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD[/B] Comes with, Canon Kit lens 18-55m, Canon Ef 50mm 1.8 lens, 52mm MC-UV lens filter, EW 60C lens hood for 18-55mm lens & a 8GB memory card.  Paypal only Camera and Kit Lens $400OBO+shipping + 4%, or send money as gift. 50mm Lens & filter $50 +Shipping +4% [Image]

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Im trying to buy those $12.00 Uniqlo Twill shorts. A size 30-32. Or it would be better if one of you NYC niggas could do a pick up for me.

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Post feedback for me if I sold, bought, or traded with you!

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[Embed content] cop shoots this man bout 6 times point blank. thats fucked up, one or two would have been good.

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Damn gang bangin back in style i guess. Some lil mexican got shot outside my school yesterday 10 minutes after we got out. And he was gay. smh.

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Ok for my digital design class final we have to make an album cover front and back, and yesterday i quickly made something and want feedback on it. It isn't done but i like how it turned out so far. So tell me what you think, thanks. [Image]

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Ok, you guys probably get this alot but im getting my first dslr around christmas. Now what i want is a good shooting camera and great video. So i've brought it down to a d90 or a t2i. Ive actually used a t2i and its nice but i want your guys advice. also im getting just a body and prolly getting a 35mm lens. good choice? thanks.

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Looking for an ipod, prefer and ipod video/classic or an ipod nano 3rd gen, but offer any, and looking for around 50 dollars. PM offers with pics, cause i wont be checking this thanks.

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[B]MUST READ[/B] [B]Policy:[/B] -Paypal Only, Send as Gift or Add 4%, Shipped Only In US. -No Refunds -Shipping is $5.00 -Accepting [B]OFFERS![/B] -Accepting Trades [ Tees Only, Size Medium] -PM if interested in buying or trading. [B]Sugar Rush Tee[/B] - $45 10/10 Worn 1x Never Washed! [B]Superman Tee[/B] - $40 9/10 Worn & Washed 1x [Image]

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