cone mills-US company that supplies levis kaihara-in japan. you could probably ask bobby hundreds?

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its really simple. wear the damn things and you will see things happen to them. soaking takes out starch, dye, smell, and it shrinks it in the beginning. fading is obviously the fading of the denim, crotch, honeycombs(behind the knees) by the knees, wallet pocket and anywhere else. my advice is just wear the damn things and see waht happens. dont purposely wack em but live in the moment sort of thing. and see waht happens. see what i cant sleep. lol

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i sized down 2 sizes to get a regular fit for me for my alive and drys

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cheapmondays aprill 77 apc nudie check, and etc.

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get scrap denim, get thread, get needle, get to sewing.

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save up for sammies and wear them straight day in day out for a year actually have them for a bargain since you didnt buy any other damn denim! or buy apcs which are cool too, but u cant say "im wearing samurai!" and think ur cooler than everyone else. no offense sufus lol.

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im wearin em right now. the raw alive and dry says its dark indigo right, but really its pretty damn black, not black darkness thinn finn coated, but regular denim black. lol.

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^pretty much hot soak for shrinkage cold for small shrinkage soaking is said to help prevent streaks tat may come from washing ur denim. i do it to take out all the dye out and for it not to smell bad if i dont want to machine wash them.

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in the industry we call tat tapered. find some denim with tat like cheap mondays, i think. caliroots and denimbaronline might have them like tat.

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from my understanding it is but cheap ass selvedge. i would not buy from GAP due to the shitiness they are now, bought a shirt a while back it its pretty shitty...shouldnt have bought it. like its said in their annual report they are at a big low in the industry right now and i think they have to change there designs and fit entirely.

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kim like the name is really chick jeans due to the taper leg, but it depends on ur body type too.

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check cheapmondays, Regular Light Tint Wash Helf

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[Quote] the truth! i think you just wearing these clothes jsut to look cool man. you gotta relax and really ask yourself if you really like waht you wear. deep kinda shit ya feel me, cuz if you wearing sw or selvedge jeans just to look cool, you coming on like a fake or just a dude who's really insecure or trying way too hard to be different from ur community. maybe you selling them because you dont like the fit, unno, but you sound funky.

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lol, again is having sell. but i would go with cheap mondays, april 77, and apc to name a dominant few. with the prints, to me those get old quick and will really look tacky quicker, just gotta go with the ones that can last a long time instead of making you cool now, and dumb later.

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i believe its having a fat ass wallet and falling on it from skating or something like tat, or you dont sag and sit on a cheese grader.

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