[Quote] Damn *****s are gross, who the hell would do that to other people? Can you imagine rubbing old cum onto your hands that's the shit sickness is made of.

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Save a solid amount of money, as well manage to survive the hellhole I work in long enough to save enough money.

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Doesn't that bitch wear a purity ring? I mean it's not intercourse but it's technically sex, either way Billy Ray is gunna be mighty dissapointed. I can't believe she gives dome tho. This leads me to believe that the Jonas Brothers might not be virgins either.

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[Quote] Lolwut? Are you West Indian? I'm surprised that you know about coco bread lol. Did you get it from Golden Krust?

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The knicks, you know why.

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[Quote] You dudes are overreacting, getting out of high school isn't that serious. I graduated last year and once you get over the weirdness of leaving behind people you've known for a large portion of your life it becomes easier and less awkward. It's all what you make it. You guys won't know until you get to college but honestly my freshman year was the best of my life, I made a great group of friends, kept a good gpa, met my amazing girlfriend, have endless amounts of freedom and just generally feel like a better person. When I was younger moving out seemed like the strangest, weirdest thing ever and now I'm looking into apartments, I feel great. Honestly once you adjust things are good, it's all what you make it.

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If you look black expect to be called a ****** at least once. Real talk, my parents are immigrants from the West Indies but they're of African descent, meaning that they look black and I as their offspring you guessed it look black. Nationality has nothing to do with it. Your status as a ****** depends solely on the superficial.

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[Quote] Not really, a lot of the dudes hustling in the streets are 40+. Is there some sort of unwritten rule that says that once you hit a certain age your subject matter must change even if that is still what's most relevant to you? Lol. Oh btw if 31 is old then I only have about 12 years to have a successful rap career before I have to "hang it up".

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Back to the banks this year was good! I saw Jerry Hsu, Andrew Pott, Steve Berra, Reda (by the way I think he might've got me on camera, so I might be on Wednesdays with Reda. Look out for me I'm the ***** with the glasses and the grey sweater texting on the black phone), David Gonzalez, and Steve Berra. I want to go to Manny Mania at LES but I got work tomorrow so I gotta miss it. Anybody else go?

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Are they ever going to make KOTOR 3, I heard Bioware had started it or something to that effect but I haven't seen anything. I still own KOTOR's 1 and 2 and still play them consistently when I have the time. It got to the point where I could beat KOTOR 1 within 8 hours logged and #2 with probably around 18, I know it sounds geeky but I was just that addicted. But it's been 5 years since #2 came out and I haven't seen anything. It would be nice if this game was made for the xbox.

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Ugggghhhh, my first job was working retail in this hood store, you know one of those stores in low income areas that sell just about anything and everything for cheap? Yeah that meant that every old black woman, hoodrat and hood dude in a 10 mile radius would come through blatantly disrespect me and the work I did and then would leave me with a mess to clean up. Couple that with the fact that I was getting paid minimum wage which at the time was 6.75/hr and I quit. But I feel like retail in general is that way so don't go that route.

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[Quote] Lol, I used to have fun times on Xbox live provoking all those little white kids that felt they could say whatever to me because I didn't know who they were. Xbox live is really good when trying to develop comeback and insult skills.

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If I wear a 32 in 510's but that's with a belt and my pants tend to sag even so. Meaning I'm probably not really a 32 but a 30/31, I think I should size down about 1 or 2 so does that mean I should get my NC's in a 29 or a 30? What do you guys think? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread by the way.

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