DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO HACK SOMEONE'S FACEBOOK?? i know its a little much, but its the last resort

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i know it sposed to be in the "video" thread, but cut me some slack, i dont even post threads like that no more <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> peace.

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again i feel like taking the fucking day off im so supt...

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mutiny uk - new horizons tom middleton - Come Maddalena (Cosmos Mix) if you can help me out id really appreciate it

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ALL IN ONE NIGHT!! kinda long but worth the read its been a while since i posted a thread, and last night was definately thread worthy ima just start when we in the car, so we were on our way to pick up my homies cousin, and we're all like 10 deep in two cars already so we go scoop him and head on over to this party his cousin told us about or whatever, and on the way there i threw back a pint of jack daniels that i copped and just started to crack my 40 to finish of the night, so we get to party and we all group up outside the house we're chillen and i crack my 40 again and took a third swig of it before we headed in and i was already drunk...not hammered, but drunk enough to fuck some shit up, so my boys cousin looks at me as i put the 40 on the ground and goes, "son are you good", and i looked at him and laughed and said "son no, im gonna whal, i already know it" and he goes " no youre not son i trust you" and i just and said " you shouldnt", but anyways we all walk into the crib son and the hoes is out son! but then this white bitch out of LEFT FUCKING FIELD!!!!! starts screaming on me as im sippin on my 40 again and goes "BLAH BLAH BLAH, GET OUT MY HOUSE, I DONT KNOW YOU GUYS, GET THE FUCK OUT BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!" and im thinking to myself, what the fuck did i do, i just fucking got here, but whatever she walks away and starts screamin on some one else, so i try to blend in and shit, and then out of no where this suit and tie, house NlGGER comes out of left field and goes, "come one guys ima need you to go outside for like 5 minutes because there was just a fight and we'll let you back in in a second yadda yadda yadda", and im like "son, why the fuck are you lying, like *****s dont have to be here just keep it real, like *****s will be out, but if try to do me dirtty, like *****s is gonna trip on kidds and its gonna be a problem", wateva wateva he just keeps talkin and im like "b, im bout to crack you kidd, like keep it moving, cuz wee are way to deep not to trip on yall in here and take this party over" then my homie calms me down and 3 second later this black bitch comes out and starts WHALIN! so im like fuck it i dont want to argue just go get your boyfriend, tell him come outside and ill mangle him three second style...if hes not here get ya brother, if not get ya father" another 15-20 minutes of arguing nothing pops off and the homies pull me outside, and as we're leaving the house some botch throws a beer and hits two of my homies, so we're whalin for a couple more minutes and then left really i get the car with 3 other homies and everybody else hopped in the other car, so im like son...yall *****s shoulda let me whal like i wanted son (because they never do when im drunk), and my homie that was driving stars spazzin like "THAT BITCH GOT BEER ON MY FUR SON, FUCK THAT, GO WHAL" so he bust the Uie, and let me and my homie out (who just came home from a little 2 month bid, nothing serious) so i grab the 40 out the trunk and walk up to the house and som kidds were on the steps, and im like, "yalll dont live here right", and they said naw and im like so yall dont care right and they were like "naw why, what are you talking about?' and BWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW smoove threw the 40 threw the front fucking door, shit went threw the glass screen and door, and then the second door window that was big as hell, and i smooth hauled ass to get back in the car, and the street was only like 15 yards from the steps, so me and the homie are haulin and i look at him aright as we got the street and he stopped and then i looked left to see what happened and I GOT FUCKING SMAKED BY A FUCKING SUV!! like i i saw it coming and was too drunk to stop, and some movie shit ame to mind like yo, if i jump i could prolly make it because one or two thing were gonna happen, i was either A gonna smooth slide across the hood like the dukes of hazard, or B just make it and on some matrix shit and hop in the car a make a smooth getaway but it didnt go down like that, i got fucking MACKED< did a backflip in the air and landed on my fucking feet, hopped up on some rick flair shit like "WOOOOOOOOOOO, where is my shoe!, let me get my shoe and we're out" but some guy hops out his car and goes "im a marine, i want that kidds name, im calling the cops right now", but i was drunk and i got warrants so i hopped in the car and we pealed off, and my other homie stayed with the rest of my homies and tried to fight someone, but i dont know cuz i wasnt there at the end of the night we all head back to the homies crib after going to the chicken shack and just kicked it and now i got a bruised leg, and i think i have a hairline fracture in my ass really wasnt worth it, but i aint whal like that in a while, so it felt good happy fucking new years everybody

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i tried to register for the website, but didnt work out to well so can someone PLEASE, pickup the black death of a president tees in a medium off the site for me tomorrow and mail em to me, ill shell out some extra dough, id REALLY appreciate it if you can email me at [email][/email], or pm me thanks

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has anyone heard of them? and if so can you email me some of their songs, especially ( sp? ) the one they did with K-Os named "One Man Army", id REEAALLLLYYY appreciate it, thanks

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has anyone heard of them? and if so can you email me some of their songs, especially ( sp? ) the one they did with K-Os named "One Man Army", id REEAALLLLYYY appreciate it, thanks

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my boy just sent me these pages from iss and i couldnt stop laughing... [Image] so uhh...who wants to fit battle one of these kidds?

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can some one from japan order this for me and ill pay them for it, and throw you some extra cash too, id really appreciate it, thanks

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anyone got any new info?

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