Can anyone suggest a playlist I can use for when I'm about to play a game. Even just posting your own is fine. Predominantly rap please, and no need to say the obvious/cliche songs everyone uses please.

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Some part of me consistently wonders if (: really does mean that a bitch is down lol

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1 to 12? There were 16 tracks on the album I listened to. How did he screw up?

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The only part I was serious about was need more information tbh. The only thing he can do (I'll be vague) is completely wow her. ♥♥♥♥♥ needs to come correct from the minute he meets her, and take Ls that will eventually end up in Ws.

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[Quote] [Image] My ♥♥♥♥♥! Real talk though, you have too much feelings to FWB her. I'd like to tell you do it, but you're just gonna get hurt tbh. Find new bitches and then swag it out.

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Probably help if we knew more about encounter/situation/who she is but: You got to friend zone yourself hard, and then pull the I think of you as more than a friend type shit. Drastic shit bro, wish you luck.

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You ordered from a fake website. How much did you lose?

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[Quote] I linked you to it '-'

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One dude a page back had a lot of stuff, and I'll add mine to it (it might overlap a little but bear with me). The first thing you want to do is find your target audience, and to do so you figure you logo and staple designs. Your logo should be something that can easily hype your target audience, and then your staple designs should be something that catch the attention of that audience. For instance the Hundreds aimed at teenagers, so they made the logo something to catch a teenagers eye and then continued to attract their audience with their designs. Essentially, if you're making graphics (for instance) don't make a whole bunch of random ones, stick to category that you can work with and you can make quality designs with. This will also limit the amount of stuff you put out to make it a little more exclusive.

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I really can't say for sure but it'd either be an oxford (more likely than not), or a chambray. It's a pretty simple style so I'd say that you can check the shirt section of Uniqlo, American Apparel, or J Crew. Urban could have it too. I could be wrong but I at least think I put you in the right direction. ---- Edit: I checked and I'm pretty confident this is it: [URL]

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To be honest mrfunni was mostly right... Listen your general annoyance isn't "wrong" per say, but it's very selfish especially when put into perspective with your individual qualms. Honestly, if anyone moves into a house things are going to change. I understand why most people would be upset by this, but you're problem is that you have to use a specific bathroom and find a new friend? Obviously your father wanted some companionship and he found it in a woman, you should respect that and fall back. I don't know how old you are, but you should be hanging with your boys or meeting a companion of your own. I guess you have to just take it in stride, it's only been two weeks. In the grand scheme of things you won't be around for too much longer anyway, so just deal with it. When you're gone, she'll be all he has.

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At least he real for realizing what happened, putting it into perspective, and then telling HB. Be on some J.Cole shit and use that ass for practice.

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JC Pennys and Macys have package shirts of a loose fit for pretty cheap. I'd check there.

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I actually tried this. I'll let you know what happens lol so far : Okay... Synopsis: Friend, track girl. Not really interested in her but people always think we go out '-' Me: M******* Her: S***** Me: Serious question for you Her: Procede Me: When you gonna let me tap that '-' Her: What the fuck!!?? Me: Invalid answer >_> Her: NO Me: I didnt ask you yes or no. I said when. Her: The day after the end of the world Me: So like a year from now? ****2012 is only a year away Her: Bye S***** Me: That's a yes blinkyeyes she hasnt hit me back up since lol

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I be getting hyped easy. I just try not to let them feel it, even though bitches should take that shit as a compliment...

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