[WTB] Jordan 4 White/Cement sz 9.5/10 PM me

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Hey, i want to buy some RC hoodies/crewnecks any opinions on them? also help on how they size would be appreciated too. I am 6'1 and ~168lbs. would a Medium fit me well? ( i wear medium for club monaco crewnecks as a reference)

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[URL] cool

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where can i find sweathers with simple patterns/colours but with unique designs, for ~100 or less? something along the lines of this: [Image] The only thing is, even though I know the ID of each one, these sweaters all cost like ~$250+ which is more than im willing to spend.. help?

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Check out the "Gallery" and "News" section for some evo pics. [URL]

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noob question but i cant seem to find the answer anywhere. but is there a difference in the box color for the nike SB? ive seen gold boxes, black boxes, blue, pink (for girl SBs), and etc... what does the difference mean?

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I'm looking for a size 9.5US or 10US nothing smaller, and nothing bigger. [Image]

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The play cloths Red Beeswax fitted size 7 1/4 [URL] IM ALSO LOCATED IN CANADA

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