Can you send me the $1 first? I'll send it right back so you know whether or not you can receive money.

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[Quote] Info?

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Damn good luck with that. This reminds me though... In 12 hours I will be driving up to the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern California for a camping/backpacking trip. However, this is not your typical outdoor vacation. I will be going with limited gear and food, having to use my survival skills to come back alive. I have been going camping and backpacking since I was 8. I was taught survival skills by my uncles, cousins, and by learning the hard way. These include making various shelters, starting a fire without the use of a lighter or matches, fishing, hunting, catching, staying warm, collecting water, etc. I have been able to do each and everyone one of those things I have listed but it was more for practice and not for a survival situation because I actually had gear and food with me. I have been unable to make a fire with the friction method using sticks, but I have been able to make a fire using a coke can+sunlight and with my firestarter/knife where you rub the 2 together for sparks. The only food I'm bringing are a can of vienna sausages, a cliff bar, and a can of Chef Boyardee spaghetti. I also actually have a small steak that I marinated because I want at least 1 good meal. Basically my first night I'll have a pretty good meal consisting of that steak and a couple gourmet beers. The other 3 items will be my "emergency" food. If I can't catch shit then I'll resort to one of those to keep me alive. Things that will be available for me to eat there: Fish, crawdads, quail, wild turkey. Theres other shit like bugs, bears, mountain lions, etc but I highly doubt I'm gonna eat that. My gear consists of: Sleeping bag, bow, small folding knife, large fixed blade, very large knife/machete/sword for chopping wood, a multi tool, knife sharpener, gloves, whistle, fire starter, flashlight, batteries, baby wipes, first aid kit, larger backpack, smaller camel back, a tarp, SOME water, sunblock, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo,deodorant, and soap. My clothing will consist of 1 jeans, 1 sweatpants, 2 boardshorts, a couple shirts, couple wife beaters, a hoody, couple thermals, waterproof coat, beanie, pair of flipflops, pair of vans slip-ons, and the usual draws/socks. Yes I fuckin hike with vans instead of heavyass hiking boots. I will make my own arrows, spears, shelter (if needed), fire pit for cooking, bonfire for staying warm/light/protection, and what ever else I may need. The day time temp will be in the high 80's with night time temps in the mid 40's and elevation will be 6,000 feet. I will be near a large lake and several rivers/streams. I will also be with some friends of mine. Only 1 of my friends will be joining me for this zombie apocalypse survival trip while the rest will be comfy in their campground roasting smores and singing camp songs or w/e the fuck they do. My 1 friend and I will be spending the first night/day with them in their campground then we will head out very early next morning backpacking higher up in elevation while trying to survive with what little we have. I should be back on Tuesday. Also I will be taking many pictures and I'll share them. That's pretty much it. Oh yeah shout out to the SB fam, the DOTA fam, sarap is the new swag, eating out is the new getting head, alpha males ride beta males die, if you can't survive the zombie apocalypse then you ain't shit, if you can't make the pussy squirt then you aint doing it right, free taj-he-spitz, sarap me the fuck out. If this thread isn't updated by tuesday then I'm fucked. Sonny shall lead you all to safety come the zombie apocalypse.

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[Quote] Shit don't work anymore man. Where I live they only bring out one shoe for you to try on..

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[Quote] Use that shit every day for 2 weeks. I noticed a difference when I did..

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[Quote] ==( ~~~~~ )

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Ship that shit, dude sounds legit.

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You try calling their customer service? If the rep doesn't help you then you should get it escalated higher up. I had a problem before where they sent me a completely different item and I got taken care of and then some.

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Don't you think it'd be a better idea to contact Karmaloop customer service rather than asking a bunch of dudes who have no affiliation to Karmaloop other than being customers?

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Only Big me gets Macs for $1.20.

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[Quote] Nah, other than being completely confused as to what is going on for the entire duration of the movie you'll be good.

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I do. What's your name/the teacher's name/school you go to? Just so I can type it in there for you.

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