Broken Mindz: BehindTheMask LongSleeves. Abstract Design & Splatted Sleeves Order Today Sizes: Medium Through XXL...$40 #FeeShipping IG: BrokenMindz

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I do screen printing an im affordable an also can work with you .Pm me or email  ThankYou

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Snap Backs $25 Paypal Accepted. 312 752 5480 Instagram: BrokenMIndz Comment Please [Image]

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Anyone knw a good site to get american apparel shirts wholesale...Or another good brand thats similar to them.. Thankyou

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Do you need tshirts screen printed? I charge $6 each a print including tshirts. $20 screen charge (One time fee) Call Me Or Text 773 949 6161 Email:

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I got mediums and larges left $10 Email: Or Call 773 949 6161 Follow us on twitter @BrokenMindz [Image] pot here if you want to order. More women tees coming soon in v neck.

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Something i designed and came up with would you cop? [Image]

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My friend hand painted these coverse and she does custom shoes. These maybe goin up for auction aswell. Let em know what you think.... [Image]

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[B]I do screen printing service if any 1 needs shirts printed amd also do deals. Contact me and i can help0 you brint your art to life.. Thankyou BMC[/B]

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[B]What Do You Think And Would You Cop??[/B] [B]Hear No Evil,Speak No Evil,See No Evil[/B] [Image]

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[B]Broken Mindz Tshirt Design Brained Robot DJing Would You Cop It?...Might Print In Silver Foil.. [/B] [Image]

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[B]If anyone would like any screen printing done contact me. I can help you meet your budget and also special offers. Thankyou[/B]

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[B]Does anyone need screen printing done?.. Email or call me and i can service you. Thankyou,BMC[/B]

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Does any 1 know about the custom built dgk screen printer or was it dkg...where can i find it???

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