Help me make this beat sexy as fuck

I'm currently trying to create the sexiest beat I can possibly produce, this is what I came up with so far [URL] How can I make it sexier? Should I remove the hi-hats? Without them the beat has more room and feels spacier, on the other hand I really like that clicky feel. Turn up the bass to max though

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Deftones – Leathers [NEW SONG]

[Image] [URL] I love this band so much

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Cro – Easy (PXRRP Remix) Chopped & Screwed


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Vans California Era 48 – where?

[Image] Saw these on the main page and looked everywhere but couldn't find them anywhere. Weren't they supposed to drop on 1.1.?

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[Image] [URL] on the official homepage. If you're into calmer Deftones songs, Team Sleep or just Chino's voice in general, you should definitely check this out.

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