[Image] Y-3 Qasa Low II Comfy as fuck. They fit amazing

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literally problematic on fleek

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[Quote]How? Should all women be paid more by the hour than men? Should only women who work less be paid more than their male colleagues so they can afford to look after kids or older relatives? What about male homemakers who decide to work less to look after their children?

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[Quote]Of course they are, no one is being raised in a vacuum and most of these roles are learned not born with. I'm just saying that the pay gap per se is not discriminating. It's reinforcing a certain paranoia and sense of discrimination where there is none. And I'm not sure but hasn't the Equal pay act been part of federal law since 1963? Wanting women to take different jobs, work more and stop having children just to fit a sense of equal outcome seems irrational to me. It also assumes that there's a "women hivemind" that wants to spent less time with their family and work more to earn equal pay. Whether conditioned or not, from my personal experience there is a huge share of women who are content with being a housewife or simply just working less hours the week so they can spent more time with their children.

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[Quote]Again, I think it could be argued that this is because of choice, not because of discrimination as education matters. Women often choose sociology, liberal arts, gender studies or psychology as field of study while men are far more likely to major in finance or accounting. Additionally when it comes to politics, of the 2 percent of the American public that has run for some kind of political office, men are three-quarters of all candidates and whites are 82% of all candidates. You cannot force people to work more, attend riskier, higher paying jobs, stay childless, run for office more or force them into a field of study they're not interested in against their will. I'm all for equal opportunity but equal opportunity doesn't mean equal outcome for everyone.

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[Quote]I'm not really up to date and haven't seen all evidence/haven't read the full grand jury report that was released, but if I remember correctly, wasn't the first hand eye witness the same one whose testimony right after the shooting changed from "Mike Brown was facing the cop, hands up" to "he was running away and shot in the back" to "shot execution style" back to "facing the cop, hands up" within the span of two days? I might have got something mixed up there, so take that with a grain of salt

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london chief straight2hell

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Fuck, that Overflow jacket looked so amazing in the grayscale previews, hadn't anticipated it having those bright colors. Personal taste etc but if you ever rerelase that jacket, I'd love a black/grey/white colorway!

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Self-victimizing feminist tumblr SJWs with their martyr complex

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[Image] Asics x Bait Gel Saga Phantom Lagoons

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[Quote]Im still pissed i slept on the Tier Zero NSW release the year before with the light brown tab at the heel and lining [Image] Haven't seen them online once since they sold out, not even heavily used

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[Image] Nike Mayfly Woven

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Anyone have any idea where I could get the chance to get one pair of the Island Lake Slipper Folk in US8? I rarely see them online and never have in my size. [Image]

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https://soundcloud.com/sebastianlux/crystalline Icy beat, samples Zomby