1s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s

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purple pigeon sbs, stained as a mofucka ask if i care

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ive decided black girls are the most attractive. im white.

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thank you sir. HB version of ilikegirlsdaily.

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fuckin love seinfeld.

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i think you have to be very picky on who you give sponsorships to..obviously your not going to get someone ridiculously famous rocking your gear at first/at all..im just saying if i never heard of your brand and some talentless rapper/musician was rocking your gear it wouldnt encourage me to look into you. ive been contemplating starting my own line with a friend, will deff post pics when the time comes.

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wish some where in toronto sold nice kicks..havent been to adrift in awhile but last time i was there the selection was quite dismal.

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[Quote] he went to my high school, birchmount whuz gooddd

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looking forward to see what happens of this.....gonna be some funny shit

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maybe frogskins but then i again i hardly wear sunglasses

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go to hamilton with that shit son

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noticed loe pesci, you canadian op?

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whats karmaloop?!?!?!11/1/1?!!?

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anything mentioning swag is very un-swag..

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