Any of you niqqas buy gold or silver? just went half with my moms on 100 oz of silver. [URL] at the very least it seems like its a good way to protect yourself from inflation as the dirty ass FED rolls out dat QE3. Discuss.

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I'd tap dat!smokeyface [URL]

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yea so just post dope live shit! [URL] DORIAN CONCEPT! Amazing. <3333 So yea that's all I can think of right now, contribute and enjoy! blushing

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Ay so recommend me some beats to burn on a cd so me and my nigguhs can freestyle over them. So far I got: [URL]

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[URL] Shit is super on point. There are thousands of videos...on math, physics, chemistry, biology, finance, etc! There is literally no excuse as to why you are not on your grind now. Free knowledge, Oh lawd. Ey but real talk, Don't sleep on the usefulness of this shit. [I]&#8220;Knowledge is the food of the soul.&#8221;[/I] - PLATO

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[Image] Lmfao this show is so hilarious! What makes it so funny is the subtle but still outrageous jokes. On that straight clever steeze. smokeyfacesmokeyface [URL]

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[URL] I'm finna cawp and paint da metal pieces.word.

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anyone on the forums listen to him? shit is rediculous. [URL]

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Yo what's good HB fam. This is a thread to post tunes on that conscious tip. [URL] ehh, not really very conscious but it's sooo sick. Anyways enjoy and contribute.

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