like +10MB images for printing, viewing and/or archiving...

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[URL] Check it out... and add any cheap / DIY things yall do

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Anyone feeling the Godwin Jeans posted yesterday. Just wondering if anyone copped em, price, and such. Basic info. (looking for my first pair of selvage.) should i cop or look elsewhere.

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Anyone know where i can get a cheap used 35mm slr/equipment besides ebay... i know i can search google and such, but im just looking for a place/website yall have dealt with before... thanks

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is it worth it... My school has a darkroom and its $15 a semester. all you need is your own camera, film, and paper. Also wondering if its easy to learn and worth the experience... Thanks

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looking for a nice hoody for my girl...she said shes been looking and cant find any thick, quality hoodies, shes looking for something with color.... just looking for a few recommendations on sites for girls or a good selection of things

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