is there any store in HONGKONG that sells enjoi shirts?

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[Quote] hahahaha. so you've heard. and those who speaks english? hahahah. seriously dude. whatever channel you've seen that, you've got a wrong data. there are pickpockets, around the world. philippines? well obviously if you've experienced one, it must have been one of those days. like any other country if you don't know the place, they'll charge you higher or something. but if you know the place well? i don't think so. even hong kong have lots of those, japan, america, india, europe. if you're dumb, then you'll be taken advantage of. if you have so much air in your head, then expect thieves seeking your fat wallet. but if you're wise. you'll survive the thickest of all jungle. urban jungle. learn about the place first, don't go hopping around with bling blings feeling like your owning, then you gain street smart education.

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hahahaah. virus on your computer and electronics? ahaha. that's really a guy talking without prior knowledge. ok here goes. shenzhen, look for starmall. you'll find lots of things there. they've got several chinese brands, with good quality and cool styles too, but do watch out for wrong grammar stuffs. that's the usual problem chinese english is really different. they sell m-audio gears, electronic gears. apple game consoles and other stuffs too. the place is good enough, from there go to shekou. lots of shops along the bus route. BNQ is a nice mall too. do visit the shekou boat like restaurant, along that side, you'll see stuffs. oh and electronics? if you're looking for good gears, test it. some actually leaks out of the quality control. but still there are lots of chinese electronics that are credible. it's actually the handler that's stupid enough to get a virus into it. other than that, if it has an inner memory bank? it can be formatted.

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looking at some of the photos. i can tell more than 3 are fake nike's. especially the SB with the more of a squarish tongue. and that red one, with the over spaced out letter's N I K [didn't see the 'e' well]. and waht's this? NIKE PARTY? seriously, post some other shoes, aside from nike.

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does anyone here can direct me to a shop in HONG KONG, where they sell music gears? preferably, m-audio and evolution surface controllers.

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[Quote] do these places have websites of their own? and also can anyone post or mark their locations in a map?

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